Resto druid haste at level 85

So, the forums have started already thinking about haste break-points and what gearing will look like at 85. We’re going to start off originally at VERY low levels of haste in level 85 gear. So, throw out the idea of a “cap” of any kind. When you hit 85, there is no easily attainable “cap” for any of your resto stats, which will make gearing that much harder to figure out. In general, when you are first gearing up, any leather or accessories with higher item-levels (and caster-stats) will be better.

My level 85 druid premade with Heroic-level blue gear only has about 10% haste rating in the gear that I have available (so about 15% with raid buffs). When I took my 85 epic (Tier 11) premade and reforged every piece of gear into haste, and enchanted for haste as much as possible, I only hit about 13% haste (so, about 18% with raid buffs) when I gimped all my other stats to reach it.

I think it’s going to come as a bit of a shock just how low your ratings go (because those ratings are split in stat points between spirit, haste, crit, & mastery). While haste is arguably better than crit & mastery, regen should be an issue at 85, meaning that you won’t be able to totally gimp  your spirit & int numbers to try and be super hasty. In an effort to be more well-rounded at level 85, the more realistic haste break-points are going to be between 5 and 20% haste in your earlier instance and leveling experience.

You get a 5% raid buff to your haste rating, so with raid buffs, my fully epic premade druid would still be at around an 18% haste. So, lets look at the break-points for haste below 22%, since that’s a more realistic set of possible resto haste goals for your VERY early level 85 experience (Type H for heals has the full list of break-points):

  • 0% Haste (no buffs, no gear) = 4 rejuv ticks, 7 wild growth ticks, 3 regrowth ticks, 10 lifebloom ticks
  • 5% haste (the 5% raid haste buff) = 11th lifebloom tick
  • 7.1% haste = 8th wild growth tick
  • 12.5% haste  = 5th rejuv tick
  • 15%  haste = 12th lifebloom tick
  • 16.6% haste = 4th regrowth tick (not important)
  • 21.5% haste = 9th tick of wildgrowth

So, the 15% haste (raid-buffed) is really the best first goal to try and reach while you are gearing up. The 21.5% goal may be hard to reach at first, so I would consider it a second goal once you are all in full epics and working on hard-modes or tier 12 content. (note: Goals are not the same thing as caps, so the lower your gear’s ilevel, the less likely it is that you will reach a goal, but you shouldn’t freak out when you can’t reach it yet at first).

EDIT: Raid buffs are multiplicative, so the math isn’t subtraction. #’s taken from Keeva’s level 80 haste chart for the amt from gear you would need.

  • 12.5 – 5% raid buff = 7.14% haste from gear (this is really what you want to stay above when starting to raid, to make sure you get the 5th rejuv tick)
  • 15% – 5% raid buff = 9.52% haste from gear (the first goal to try and reach as you gear up in epics)
  • 21.5 – 5% raid buff = 15.65% haste from gear (the second goal to try and reach as you gear up in epics)

Any haste from gear is STILL really nice to have for reducing your Global Cooldown & cast times (thought it won’t reduce rejuvenation’s GCD), so you can really pick up any amount of haste you want. However, just keep in mind that leveling from 80 to 85 is really, really going to deflate your rating stats, so you need to lower your expectations for what gearing at 85 is going to feel like at first. Keep in mind that you may end up as low as 5% haste on gear (ie. about 10% raid buffed) when you are first starting out in quest greens & blues. So, don’t panic!

(Warning: I’m tired, so my math may be off somewhere, but this is the best I could do at this point. let me know if I mixed up numbers somewhere.)

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19 comments on “Resto druid haste at level 85
  1. deana says:

    Thanks for this. I know that stats are going to be a shock all around. These are good places to start thinking about haste. I appreciate your work on it.

  2. Geros (VeCo) says:

    Not a huge thing, but as Keeva pointed out last week, the raid haste buff is multiplied, not added. (comment #4)

    That means aiming for 12.5% buffed haste, you need 1.125/1.05 = 1.071 or 7.1% haste, not 7.5%
    Maybe I’m waaaay off, but that’s my understanding.

  3. Hamlet says:

    That’s not how the 5% raid buff works. The actual amount of haste for 5th Rejuv tick, for example, is:
    (1 + .125)/1.05 – 1 = 7.14%, or 915 rating at level 80.

    I’m not convinced that any breakpoints besides Rejuv and Wild Growth are all that important. It’s good to spread the word about the concept but like always, a little bit of knowledge can get blown out of proportion. An added tick of Regrowth is a marginal gain to spell that’s a pretty minor use overall.

    I think the primary factor that people should focus on in deciding whether to stack more haste or not is how often they cast Rejuv (because it’s the only spell that doesn’t benefit). If you use Rejuv a ton (unlikely at 85), haste is only good for breakpoints. If you use Rejuv a small % of the time, haste will always be the best secondary stat anyway.

    • Hamlet says:

      Also, TreeCalcs will not only display all haste breakpoints with current buffs, but will now estimate the total value of haste based on your spell usage.

    • Lissanna says:

      I fixed the haste buff #’s… I was rushing and simplifying it…

      You will use enough non-rejuv spells that haste is still going to be good, but you still won’t want to stack insane amounts of haste at the expense of having low spirit, mastery, & crit. People still like stat values to try and reach, so even if they are sorta artificial break-points, it still helps give people ranges of what they could try & aim for. The minimum would be the ~7.14 that would give you the rejuv tick with the haste buff. If you don’t care about the regrowth tick, 15% is a LB tick which is probably worthwhile (but it’s only a small amount of haste more for the regrowth tick point).

      The main point is to get people to adjust what part of the haste tables they are looking at when they first hit 85, because I’ll have to deal with all sorts of people freaking out about how low their haste is at 85, so now I can just link here over & over & over again in December, lol.

      • Hamlet says:

        If you cast mostly non-Rejuv spells, haste remains strong, and mana is not a very serious problem (all of the preceding things are entirely plausible), then there’s no reason you wouldn’t “stack insane amounts of haste at the expense of having low mastery, & crit” (spirit is likely to be the most desirable secondary stat anyway, or at least selected based on independent mana-related factors, so we’ll put that aside).

        Since pretty much the beginning of my time doing work on WoW, I always see this idea bandied about by people trying to learn that you want to have targets for various stats and keep them in some sort of “balance,” or not let something get “too high” or “too low.” Usually it’s total fallacy. Very often some stats are just better than other stats. And usually when something more subtle is going on (as is occasionally possible for healing, less so for DPS), it has to do with different situations and different uses, not idle ideas like “I don’t want my crit to be too low.”

        A few haste breakpoints are important, because you might give up Spi or even Int to get them (mostly Rejuv, maybe WG). Otherwise, telling people Int > Spi > Haste > other is a good enough approximation for all except advanced-level players (pending any further changes).

        • Lissanna says:

          Well, you still end up having rejuv doing a chunk of healing (say maybe 30 percent healing done for an average player – but a lot more for some, and even less for others). I could highlight the lifebloom tick (at 9.52% from gear) and drop the regrowth tick from the chart. All the advanced-level players will just use your guides and such. I cater to more beginners. It ends up being more like: Int > spirit > haste (until you pass 7.14 or 9.52%) > crit/mastery.

          Because we’re still using rejuv for a good chunk of our healing, it’s easier to just have a haste break-point to aim for, and then use the rest of your stat points for crit & mastery (assuming that you still go for spirit even above haste). Kinda just telling people: “Int > spi > else” leaves beginners really struggling for the ability to get a grasp on gearing, and the problem with Cata is that “what stat is best” is mostly determined by how you are healing, which is hard to express. Beginners on the WoW forums (ie. my target audience) needs something tangible when they ask for “stat caps”, and these break-points are the closest thing we have at this point.

          • Hamlet says:

            I’m not sure the “(until you pass 7.14 or 9.52%)” is based on anything. Why isn’t haste best even at other values?

            If there are no real stat caps, why wouldn’t you just tell people that? The goal for beginners is to give them accurate information so they can understand the class better (and eventually become good players who learn the subtleties). If, based on their WLK experience, they think there should be stat caps, tell them things have changed.

          • Lissanna says:

            But I like having goals. 🙁

  4. Geros (VeCo) says:

    Somewhat unrelated, but still on the topic of druid haste, I have a question about the “Swift Rejuvenation” talent. Am I correct in assuming it can’t reduce the cooldown below the 1 sec minimum? It just makes me uneasy having a talent that helps less the better your gear gets.

  5. Narci says:

    Good breakdown – it’s hard getting used to having “low” stats, but it’ll be good for preventing gear inflation early in Cata.

    FYI, you have a typo here:
    # 16.6% haste = 4th regrowth tick
    # 21.5% haste = 9th tick of regrowth

    • Narci says:

      …Which you caught before I got around to hitting refresh. Derp 🙂

      • Lissanna says:

        Yeah. I got caught up in an AV run right after I posted, so I had to go back & edit a couple things after the AV ended. There was a reason why the post came with a typo warning disclosure, lol.


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