Stormwind invaded by….

Mammoths! (what did you think I was going to say? lol).

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So, while waiting for the elemental invasions to happen in Stormwind today on the Elune server, people got a little bored. So, they started getting on mammoth mounts, and people decided to have a mammoth party, and mammoth parades down the hallways…. This lasted for about 2 hours this afternoon while people waited for the elemental spawns. Then, we very quickly banished the elementals back into where they were from and saved Stormwind. I think the biggest casualty, however, was the damage that having so many people in one place did to people’s frame-rates, lol.

Apparently, the horde had similar mammoth invasions on the Moon Guard server, according to Aestiah @shecantdps.

So, I’m starting to be convinced that the earthquakes are not caused by just the elementals, but possibly also by hundreds of mammoths jumping up and down at the same time… At least we’re having fun, right?

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11 comments on “Stormwind invaded by….
  1. Shaloxeroligon says:

    I actually had something similar to that happen on Executus. I was just going around in Dalaran, minding my own business, when this massive horde of mammoths starts slow-marching through the streets. Then more came. And more, pretty soon, there was a whole conga line of mammoths going down the streets. It was one of the weirdest things I ever saw.

  2. Moonra says:

    This happens often on Lightbringer EU but than in IF! I’m glad that Cataclysm will push more people back into the “old” major cities because I rarely stay in Dalaran 🙂

  3. Maven says:

    Never had that, but for about 2 weeks before 4.0.1, the Dal north wishing well was a gathering for trees (both ally and horde) where we mourned our soon to be lost form – on Dragonblight server. was cool seeing 20 trees there…every time i logged in.

  4. Jen says:

    We had a mini-mammoth party and a big “kill frame rate party” (spamming AoE) in Storwind on Alonsus-EU. It was a lot of fun watching my guildies disconnect… but then they came back and we killed elemental ass!

  5. Kanow says:

    The same happened on Warsong-US. First time I saw so many people on Orgrimmar. =p

  6. Kerisa says:

    Just after reading your post last night, I logged in with my main on Lightninghoof to see if the next elemental invasion had started in Orgrimmar. Lo and behold, the Valley of Strength was full of Mammoths!

  7. Oestrus says:

    I can honestly report that there was a similiar occurance in Stormwind on the Eldre’thalas server. I have no idea what brought all these lunatics out, but it was mighty distracting. I don’t think I saw it so bad in Ironforge, though, strangely.

  8. Zandrinn says:

    Same thing happened on Llane

  9. Anthony says:

    this happened on Madoran too. My framerate was so painful. queued for a bg to get out

  10. Thunderwisp says:

    And Horde-side on Saurfang as well. We considered getting all 120 or so people to have a go at attacking Ironforge.


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