Monthly Archives: December 2010

Druid raid healing design problem Redux

So, during Beta, I found a huge & obvious problem with the restoration druid design in Cata – namely that HOTs don’t make good triage tools on their own, and that druids completely lack direct multi-target heals. I posted multiple times about druids’ weakness in terms of their AOE healing toolset. However, there WAS a […]

Heroic 5’s teach raid movement mechanics

So, with Cataclysm now upon us, many people have been running heroics and raid dungeons. One of the things that has become obvious is that we have returned to the days of “GOOTROF” (“Get out of the Rain of Fire”). The punishment for not moving in a lot of fights is not just a drain […]

Happy Holidays from Restokin!

I’m away traveling for the holidays, but I have computer access while I’m gone. I have been enjoying the Cataclysm rush to get all geared up, and working on my professions. If you haven’t already seen, the Team Waffle Podcast posted our first recording. I’m pretty sure that the podcast will get better as we […]

If resto druids get to see our armor…

Can they at least make the armor not buggy? Okay, so today I just have a short update on a couple of things. At this point, my druid has been able to start running heroics. I’ve mostly run stuff as DPS, but I’ve solo-healed a couple of heroic bosses. I haven’t been able to run […]