Level 85 healing guide now Live!

So, I’m giving all of you a preview for my level 85 healing guide  a couple days early on my blog! I have now removed the level 80 healing advice from the blog version of my healing guide, though (for the moment) it is still active in the Forum version. I’ll probably update the forum version tomorrow (there are only so many hours I can spend on my guides per day!).

You can find the level 85 healing guide here.

I have updated every section of the guide:

  • Part 1: Updated information about our spells more relevant for 85 (especially our direct healing spells)
  • Part 2: Minor updates for mastery, tree form, & other abilities.
  • Part 3: Major revisions for spell healing rotations/usage during tank healing & raid healing.
  • Part 4: Minor updates for talent specs so that I could prioritize the 3rd point in moonglow over the 3rd point in Furor in the Moonglow spec (based on reader feedback).
  • Part 5: Only added the glyph of treant (which I should have updated with 4.0.3a)
  • Part 6: Minor updates (added level 85 stat priority, added pre-raid gear list, and possibly minor changes to stat descriptions).
  • Part 7: Major revision for gems, consumables, & enchants available for your level 85 gear.

I will revise things more as we start to get into level 85 healing and we really see how healing styles come together and such.

Happy Cataclysm … SOON!

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2 comments on “Level 85 healing guide now Live!
  1. Hamlet says:

    I think you might be overvaluing Spirit. I can’t think of any reason to suggest using things like a Spirit flask, Heartsong weapon enchant, or 40 Spirit chest enchant. There are other times it comes up (e.g. using purple gems), but those examples are most striking because they imply you’d consider trading 1 Int for 1 Spi. Int is far better than Spi by any metric.

    • Lissanna says:

      With the enchants, it’s a matter of what is going to be more easily available at the start. It’s just a list of available things, not all of which are going to be BIS, but some may be more available than others at the start of the expansion. I would take down some of the less useful things later on once the high-end enchants and such are more available. Having a slightly weaker enchant in some cases is better than having no enchant.

      I can be clearer about the prioritization for the enchant section. In most cases, the better one is listed first, and the lesser one is listed second. I’ll be more clear about that in the post if it’s confusing. By the time I reached the enchant section, I just wanted to be done posting wowhead links and eat dinner, lol.


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