Yearly Archives: 2010

gearing up for 85 raids

So, for raiding at level 85, you really should be wearing at least an average of ilevel 346 gear, which is the Heroic 5-man gear.You can get gear from the same item level (or better) from additional sources: crafting professions (including Archeology!), bought with Justice Points from vendors in Stormwind or Org, and reputation rewards […]

Moonkin hatchlings and a surprise!

So, the moonkin hatchlings are now available at the Blizzard store. I have a little mini-me now, it’s super cute. I’m claiming victory with having a Restokin pet, since it plants flowers, in addition to it’s dancing & trying to fly: The best part of the moonkin hatchling in-game pet is that they’re giving half […]

How Eclipse works

So, with a lot of people leveling new druids, one of the things I haven’t covered in good enough detail lately is some of the balance druid mechanics. Today, however, I want to talk about Eclipse and how the moonkin rotation works, looking at it from the perspective of leveling, mostly – since advanced moonkin […]

Happy Turkeykin Day!

Have a good Turkeykin Day from Restokin! For years, Turkeykin day has comprised of dancing moonkin being thankful that they were not eaten on that day. To non-druids, this is also known as Thanksgiving day. I am thankful for all my readers who support me and my blog. I’m thankful for my  awesome guild, where […]