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Leveling & healing guide updates for 4.0.3a

I have my 4.0.3a guides released and ready for when the servers come up this afternoon/evening.

The leveling guide was completely revamped (again!). The new Leveling Guide table of contents now lists 9 pages:

  • Three pages for Feral Cat leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation page, and Gearing/glyph page.
  • Three pages for Balance/moonkin leveling: Talent page, Ability/rotation page, and Gearing/glyph page
  • One page for healing leveling (talents only)
  • One page for tank leveling (talents only)
  • FAQ page at the end of the guide related to all specs

This new organization makes things easier to find. A complaint about the 4.0.1 version was that it was hard to find the cat & moonkin things (especially on the forum version of the guide). So, this new organization will hopefully be a lot better in the long run. I hope you have fun leveling up your new troll druids!

The Restoration healing guide 4.0.3a update only updates the new talent spec page.

  • The other healing guide pages aren’t out of date with the 4.0.3a patch, and so I’m leaving them for now.
  • The new talent spec page has one talent spec for level 80, and then also includes my level 85 update, so that you are prepared for making talent decisions when you start leveling on December 7th.
  • It didn’t make sense for me to do a full level 80 update for that page just to have to remake it in 2 weeks. I will have a full level 85 guide ready to go around December 7th.

Happy patch day!

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Cataclysmic Resto talents & changes for 4.0.3a

So, the great Cataclysm is upon us. With the 4.0.3a patch (likely happening on Tuesday patch day), our talents are all reset and we have to change up our talent specs. In addition, Beta ended today, so that means there won’t likely be any major class changes on December 7th.

(Updated) Note that you CAN race change to troll on patch day, so I have the Troll feral form color chart available for people who reroll new trolls on patch day.

I will be posting revamped leveling & healing guide info some time on Tuesday (likely before the servers come up).

Why are our druid talent trees reset?

  • This reset happened because 2 talents in the druid Restoration Tree were reduced in point cost: Revitalize is now 2 points (down from 3) & Swift Rejuv is now 1 point (down from 2).
  • No point cost changes were made to feral or moonkin talents.
  • There were other changes made to druid talents & abilities, that you can read on MMO-champion.
  • The changes on MMO-champion shouldn’t really effect resto druids at level 80, other than the talent changes, since they were mainly done to either fix bugs or keep level 85 healing balanced.

New level 80 resto builds:

You may find, however, that a different build will work for min-maxing ICC purposes. You are welcome to make whatever modifications to this “base” build you think will work best for you at level 80. However, I have a set of level 85 builds that use this as a starting template, so this is currently my recommended level 80 build. I’ll be adding the level 85 builds to my resto guide “soon”.

New tree form graphics (Via MMO-champion). If you don’t like the new tree form graphic, however, there is a minor glyph that will turn your tree form cooldown into the old treant graphic (Races in order of the picture: Night Elf, Troll, Worgen, & Tauren).

Finally, Bear tanking will be FINE after patch day. The MMO-champion notes makes it look like bears are taking a hit, but the problem was that they used to be Overpowered at level 85, and the changes make them more equal to other classes. If you whine about bear nerfs on the forums, Reesi will /waffle you and chase you out of the forums (link updated).

(also, as usual – please feel free to comment, but don’t be shocked if comments take a while to load, since I’m preparing the blog to take a heavy hit on patch-day. I’ll do whatever performance-increasing things I need to do to keep restokin running smooth).

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Troll & worgen form color charts

So, part of getting ready for Cataclysm’s arrival is getting ready for all the new druids who will be leveling up over the next few months.

I have some updates planned for my leveling guide that I’ll be unveiling whenever 4.0.3a hits the servers.

I also added a new set of pages to my site (that you can click on the top menu bar), which has all the druid shapeshift graphic forms for the troll & worgen. I did this since I’ve been getting a ton of page views for my previous form pages, so this seems to be a really hot topic. However, the pages that were getting a lot of views didn’t really have the best info that I have available to me, so I thought I owed you all something better.

  • Click here for a link to the Troll druid form page. This page has the cat, bear, moonkin & tree forms for trolls. As a special bonus, I have the cat & bear form colors matched with the male & female troll hair color (to help you choose which troll hair color you want to choose when you create your new character!).
  • Click here for a link to the Worgen druid form page. This page has the cat, bear, moonkin & tree forms for worgen. For the worgen, cat & bear form colors are matched to the human-form hair coloring (not to the worgen-form coloring). So, when you make your worgen druid on patch day, it may help if you choose the Human-form hair color at the character creation screen that matches the  feral forms you want, so that you don’t have to try your luck with getting the barber shop to work in your favor after you hit level 10 (since the barber shop only shows you the worgen form & not what your human hair color looks like as of now). I put the human hair color pairs with the cat & bear forms to help you make those decisions when you start your worgen druid.
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Goodbye Stormwind Park (contains spoilers)

So, if you’ve been living under a really big rock and trying to hide from all Cataclysm related info, you probably aren’t reading my blog in the first place, but if you are – there are mild spoilers in this post about events that will take place in the 4.0.3a patch, when the world is shattered.

The timing of this post would be better if I waited until after 4.0.3a, but I’m likely going to be consumed by guide writing around that point in time, so I’m posting this one early…

With elementals invading and our cities under attack, I wanted to capture a piece of our land that is going to soon be changed forever.  The Stormwind Park is home to several druid trainers and other friendly Night Elves.

However, it  is soon to be no more. Deathwing’s attacks will destroy our haven in the city, and leave nothing but a sunken pile of rubble. We won’t be able to defend the city from Deathwing’s talons, and so after the shattering, when you go to find a druid trainer in Stormwind, you will be disappointed at what you find at our previous sanctuary (and then you’ll have to run to the whole other side of the city to find where the new trainer is hiding – Link contains pictures of what is left of the park, and how to find the new druid trainer from the Beta server).

So, I wanted one last chance to go back at these trainers who taught me so much when I was a young druid.

Here is my photo tribute to the Stormwind Park:

(With our newer photo tool, click prev or next to switch between pictures, and click on the picture to see it bigger).

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