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Where did the 25-man guilds go?

The current raid statistics (on sites like WoW  progress) say something about the new popularity of 10-man over 25-man raiding. While I expected there to be fewer 25-man guilds than 10-man guilds in Cataclysm, the differences in numbers of boss kills for each type of raiding is something I really thought was interesting now that […]

Pretty birdy

So, I have several big school deadlines this week, combined with a full raid schedule. I haven’t kept up with my normal schedule of blog posts. However, we did record the third Team Waffle Podcast episode, which is up on the site. Reesi & I got new headset/microphones so that our sound quality is a […]

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The one with more rejuv spam

In my last post, I posed a question about which log was from ICC and which was from my Cataclysm raiding. The correct answer is that the first log (with actually a little less spell selection variety) was my Cataclysm healing done in my first 25-man. The point I was trying to make is that […]

A fun game I like to call…

Which of these WOL healing breakdowns is from a fight from my last ICC raid that I healed before we leveled up to 85, and which one is from our first Magmaw kill in 25-man Blackwing Descent? Is the Blackwing descent Raid Healing Log 1?: Or is  it  Raid Healing Log 2?: I’ll post the […]