A fun game I like to call…

Which of these WOL healing breakdowns is from a fight from my last ICC raid that I healed before we leveled up to 85, and which one is from our first Magmaw kill in 25-man Blackwing Descent?

Is the Blackwing descent Raid Healing Log 1?:

Or is  it  Raid Healing Log 2?:

I’ll post the answer tomorrow with more of a discussion of how I feel about 25-man healing for druids in Cataclysm. Until then, vote on which WoL you think came from which instance! There’s no prize for winning… Also, with both log breakdowns, I was at or near the top of the “healing done” meters, so either way, I rejuv/WG spammed my way to victory!

Edit: I need to work on the 4.0.6 Healing Guide version over the weekend. There are already a handful of things that are out of date that I need to work on for the guide….

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  1. krizzlybear says:

    I imagine that the log that has less overall healing is the ICC one, due to less incoming damage at 80 than at 85. I think exclusively listing the % values instead of the absolute numbers would make it a lot more difficult to distinguish the two logs; either way, your point is well stated. I’m surprised that despite the healing philosophy that Blizzard wanted, it would not change too much. My alt is currently healing normal cata 5-mans, and I’ve noticed the shift in philosophy due figuring out which heals were being more effective in certain situations. I can’t speak for raid-context healing, but I can’t help but think that the dev’s proposed healing philosophy was generalized towards 5-mans as opposed to the more chaotic 25’s.

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, even my 10-man healing logs look like the style of healing they wanted for Cataclysm (especially since I tank heal a lot in 10’s). I didn’t revert back to an older style of healing until I had to deal with 25-man raid healing.

  2. Keldara says:

    1st one is Magmaw.

    2nd is ICC.


  3. Rogatien says:

    I vote that BWD is log 2. My rationale is that the hearthstone heal in log 1 is too small for level 85.

    Either way, your point is very clearly illustrated.

  4. Arielle says:

    The Healthstone value gives it away.

  5. Leiyan says:

    I’m going to say the first log is BWD. For the reasons others have stated, and a few other reasons. =)

  6. Keldara says:

    Are you still using the T10 4p … ? Because I’m seeing Rejuvenationx2 in both 😛

  7. Freddie says:

    What are you spending your Tree of Life clearcasts on in log number 1?

    • Lissanna says:

      I actually don’t have Malfurion’s Gift in my talent spec. I need to spec back into it before 4.0.6… and it’s possible that I may have forgotten to use tree form that run, since my LB numbers are so low. 😉

      I also picked the fight where rejuv was out of proportion compared to the rest of my heals on purpose to prove my point…

      • Jasyla says:

        Well, that’s not really fair. By being selective about what logs you present (and what heals you use) you can prove pretty much any point.

        • Lissanna says:

          Well, I also picked the only fight on 25-man for Cata where I have a log for the kill (so I wasn’t posting a failed attempt where I died early). I also didn’t have many ICC logs to choose from because I wasn’t healing that much towards the end of Cata, so it’s not like I had a log for either where rejuv was 10% of my healing or something…

  8. Koalabear says:

    My vote is the first log is BWD and the second log is ICC. The 2nd log doesn’t have much nourish up. In ICC at 80 with the changes you just couldn’t use Nourish because it took too long and people were dead. Regrowth was used more. At 85 Regrowth isn’t used as much because it is such a mana hog. I only every use it now when I get an OoC proc or I need an “Oh SHIT!” heal and my NS+HT is on cool down.

  9. Verdus says:

    Yet, clearly, druids don’t need any new healing spells.

  10. Ly says:

    I would say the first log is ICC.

    The first log could be a longer fight, and with loads of mana to spam, spam, spam.

    Magmaw is a short fight with periods of little healing.

    Great exercise 🙂


  11. Zie says:

    going with log 1 BWD, log 2 ICC.

    Out of curiousity, what made you cast 1 nourish? I do it now and then because it makes me giggle.

    • Lissanna says:

      Probably just because it’s next to my lifebloom spell, or maybe I was low on mana waiting for innervate to come off cooldown? 🙂

  12. Maven says:

    First log is cata – I was thinking that the higher crit rate made it obvious comparing living seeds… and then i read comments where there are like 400 different better ways to tell.

    Its funny to me – because I remember writing on your blog during wrath that the problem with healing was scaling poorly to 25mans, because in both 5 and 10 mans wrath healing was fun and dynamic – but that 25 mans with 5-7 healers and only 2 or 3 tanks leads to over-specialization of roles and reduces every healer to button spamming. I pointed out then that the real solution is design encounters so you need 5 tanks on 25man just like you need 2 on most 10 mans, and that I doubted the cata healing template would be truly effective. Now… the cata healing is that way in the sense that now we have more interesting talent choices of throughput vs longevity, and we have responsibility to coordinate mana pools and regens and that matters… but the same darn thing that broke wrath 25mans is breaking cata ones.

    • Lissanna says:

      Yes, and I warned Blizzard during Cata Beta that 25-man “AOE” rotations were important to think about when designing how healing worked, and I got ignored, and now I’m annoyed, lol.

      • Maven says:

        On the plus side, the disincentives to 10 man raiding are mostly gone – loot isn’t as easy to get and apparently heroics are harder than 25, but honestly at least I can now do whats fun to heal and still get legitimate loot.

  13. rooshzat says:

    BWD is #1
    ICC is #2

  14. Ares says:

    BWD is # 1 due to the high overall healing done and use of nourish
    ICC is # 2 due to the far far greater use of regrowth and limited nourish use

    Either way, its basically spamming rejuv and wg

  15. aramis says:

    I get the point you’re trying to make. Admittedly my healing is limited to 10man raiding, but if I could show you the sparses from my logs…

    on the 10man level, it’s a completely different story. The last WoL sparse I saw from a coraider was for Conclave:

    HT was like 42% of my healing…I only remember because I was shocked by the percentage
    RJ was next, followed by Nourish, Lifebloom and Effloresence in that order.

    I can’t say what that ranking would look like for me on the 25man level. I’ve yet to do one 25man raid. It’s all been 10man for me…and to be honest, I find it more challenging and exciting that way.

  16. Rivellana says:

    Having just worked on Magmaw this week I have to say…
    Log 1 is Magmaw, Log 2 is ICC

    I was spamming rejuv that much on Magmaw.

    And since most of us have virtually dropped regrowth from our rotations, and regrowth is third most used spell in your second log, that’d have to be ICC.

  17. Narr says:

    Im going to guess the first log is bwd…i cant imagine having enough mana to use regrowth as much as the second log

  18. Saddim says:

    Here is my guess.

    I’m quite confident that log number 2 is the BWD log and this is why.

    Wild Growth seems to be the overall most healing done for me since Cata. Which is also the case here.
    Avg Regrowth is 14k~ depending on gear, which means that you’ve cast it 14 times. If we presume that OoC proccs 3.5 times every minuet you would have had Lifebloom up for about 4 minutes this fight.
    But my guess is that you used Regrowth without OoC and your lifebloom uptime was around 40%? Since you weren’t dedicated Tank healer you only used HT once to restack Lifebloom.

    Also the massive nerf to Effloresence is quite visible.

    Anyway those are my guesses =)

  19. Krebaldar says:

    BWD is obviously Healing Log 1. Healing Log 2’s overall healing is only 1.33million, which isn’t even as much as Healing Log 1’s rejuvination, let alone the over 4 million total healing done.


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