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So, I had a cold all last week, and my semester started yesterday, making this week’s schedule pretty hectic for me, which is why I haven’t posted much recently.

I did, however, want to let you guys know that we recorded our second Team Waffle Podcast on Friday, and that Arielle has now posted the Team Waffle podcast Episode 2. In the episode, I tried not to sniffle or cough into the mic too much, but if I did, I sincerely apologize (and hopefully Arielle was able to edit some of that out, lol). We’ll be doing the podcast every 2 weeks at this point, now that the holidays are over.

My guild started raiding last week, and we got some 10-man runs going (we decided as a guild not to raid over the Christmas & New Years holidays). We got down Halfus Wyrmbreaker and Magmaw over the weekend. We were also able to kill the PvP boss in Tol Barad when the Alliance had control over the zone. We’re hoping to start up our 25-man group soon, but it looks like we’re still short a couple people (especially looking for a non-druid healer, shadow priest, and a hunter to join our raiding crew).

I’ll be keeping an eye on how the 4.0.6 patch develops, but the druid class overall seem to be in pretty good shape for the next patch at this point.

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6 comments on “New podcast episode available!
  1. Maven says:

    I enjoyed the podcast, like the first.

    One note on it: I am not sure on this, but my assumption was, and remains, that the change to glyph of wrath is a quality of life for leveling moonkin change. Currently all moonkin prime glyphs are either DoT related (not ideal especially at low levels) or cooldown related. I could be way off, but it makes more sense to me than anything else.

  2. Muldren says:

    Great first two episodes. Curious if resto’s will drop Heart of the Wild and Furor to get all the talents that are getting “buffed”.

    Is it still worth it in people’s opinion to get Nature’s Swiftness?

  3. Muldren says:

    Great first two episodes. Curious if resto’s will drop Heart of the Wild and Furor to get all the talents that are getting “buffed”.

    Is it still worth it in people’s opinion to get Nature’s Swiftness?

  4. Lance Johnson says:


    I am currently on deployment, and getting podcasts is pretty much impossible, but I do read up on things as often as I can. I was doing some comparing between my terrible spec and your fantastical ones (trying to become the good restodrood I should be) and I was wondering about one thing, then a couple others.

    Perseverance – Why go with Perseverance when you can get a 4% buff to your Rejuvenation using Blessing of the Grove (now that it’s actually coming back into the rotation for something other than efflorescence …. I mean swift mend). I have a talent build that puts two points into Blessing of the Grove and 1 point into Living Seed. It would be nice to take 6% less damage taken by spells …. but in my personal experiences so far in Cataclysm, it would be more beneficial for me to be able to heal quicker, or at least more efficiently.

    I read up on the comment by Muldren, and I don’t see Furor going away, because any way you put it, it’s another 10% to your mana pool, (which also increases your spell power) and that is actually a lot now, with the ridiculous mana pools we currently have (even with the decrease in mana used for Rejuvenation which may be a decrease in mana required, but you will still end up running out of mana just as quickly if not quicker because you will always want to keep a minimum of 3 Rejuvenations up for the Nourish Buff).Heart of the Wild, I think I would be willing to drop, but that wouldn’t get me the talent ability I want most, which is being able to get into Genesis. If they swapped the bonus’ from Furor to HotW, I would much rather drop Furor, and pick up Genesis. That being said, I would much rather have Genesis, than having Blessing of the Grove, but for now it will do …. I think.

    Ok I think I am done, hope I didn’t sound too nubbish … just want to start getting into the actual play of my toon, it’s fun !!!! 🙂 And I’ve got nothing better to do with my off time.

    • Lance Johnson says:

      See, my first post ever on a blog, or talking about anything even close to Theory and I do it wrong … lol. I meant to post this on your discussion “Goodbye to Efflorescence”. Sorry for cross-posting.


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