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More on 4.0.6 resto talent builds

So, my last resto post seems to have freaked out a few people. First, I would like to say that 4.0.6 only makes things better for resto druids, not worse. Second, if you want to keep whatever talent build you have right now and heal the way that you are healing right now, it will […]

Moonkin 4.0.6 feeling rooted

So, I’ve given a lot of attention to the resto changes lately, but with the most recent patch notes, I wanted to shift my focus for today’s post onto the moonkin changes. Moonkin has always been an endangered species in PvP, mostly because it’s a spec that just never had good PvP tools, and they […]

Good bye efflorescence?

So, the collective 4.0.6 resto druid changes “fix” druids by basically reverting us back to an older state of resto druids, where our main Raid healing strategy seems to focus almost entirely around rejuv & wild growth (with a mana cost reduction to rejuv and a cooldown reduction on wild growth). I suppose I’m okay […]

New podcast episode available!

So, I had a cold all last week, and my semester started yesterday, making this week’s schedule pretty hectic for me, which is why I haven’t posted much recently. I did, however, want to let you guys know that we recorded our second Team Waffle Podcast on Friday, and that Arielle has now posted the […]

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