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Resto & moonkin 4.0.6 patch updates

So, there are a handful of changes (mostly positive) that hit the PTR, from both the official PTR patch notes and the unofficial MMO-champion notes. We’ll be talking more about these changes during the second episode of the Team Waffle Podcast, which we are pre-recording tomorrow (the 7th), which should be released early next week.

Also, remember that since we are talking about things on the PTR, they are subject to change without advanced warning.

For moonkin, the primary change of interest is to wild mushrooms:

  • Wild mushrooms are instant cast, with a 6 yard detonate radius. Their damage was also increased by 15%.

Since Wild Mushrooms are not widely used, any buff is a good one. This fixes two of their major problems: not being able to cast them while moving (due to their super annoying .5 sec cast time while still having the  normal GCD time) and the fact their radius was so small (at 3 yards) you risked wasting a bunch of time if they didn’t hit the target. This new version of Shrooms should be easier for moonkin to use, and will make them a better tool than they were before.

Leveling Resto changes:

They are changing the levels at which you get 3 abilities:

  • Rejuv will be lowered to level 3
  • Nourish will be lowered to level 8
  • Healing Touch will be increased to 78.

There was a huge problem for people leveling restoration druids – where we didn’t have any mana efficient heals at lower levels. Low level restoration druids have been complaining to me since Cataclysm came out that healing for lower level dungeons (before you got Nourish) was really difficult due to mana issues. So, Blizzard has fixed this really huge problem by swapping the levels you get Nourish & HT. That change, combined with making rejuv more mana efficient, will have a huge impact on leveling as a resto druid. So, if you were thinking of making a new resto druid healer, you might want to wait until 4.0.6 to start running dungeons with your sapling.

Resto changes targeted at max level:

The rest of the changes for restoration druids come in the form of things targeted at end-game healing. The set of changes will have big enough effects that I’ll have to release an updated guide version when the changes go live. For now, some highlights are:

  • The return of rejuv-spam with the decreased mana cost of rejuv (I swear they change rejuv’s mana cost every patch).
  • Nature’s Bounty is going to have an effect where you will lower Nourish’s cast time (by up to 30%) if you have rejuvenations on 3 or more targets.  This means that we may need to reconsider the points we’ve been dropping from Nature’s Bounty.
  • Omen of Clarity is only going to proc off healing spells through the Malfurion’s gift talent. So, as a resto druid without Malfurion’s Gift, you won’t get any OOC procs from your heals. When you spec into malfurion’s gift, you will be able to proc OOC off lifebloom ticks (only), according to the current tooltip. For feral & balance – our damage abilities & spells will still proc it like normal.
  • Regrowth buffed in several ways. First, it benefits from Empowered Touch, which will directly increase it’s healing done. In addition, they are changing the regrowth glyph to refresh the HOT when the target hits 50% health (which used to require the target to hit 25% health). I will probably still not use the regrowth glyph (since I don’t want to give up the rejuv, lifebloom, or swiftmend glyphs), but it makes the glyph less bad.

The set of changes for resto druids in the 4.0.6 patch is overall a buff. The changes should help raid/AOE healers find a more efficient way to keep people alive. This set of changes doesn’t fix the problem of having to rely on HOTs or single-target spells for most of our multi-target healing. However, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, since these are buffs – and all buffs are good…

The changes to our talents will likely have an impact on what talents you will want to pick up for your healing. However, I’m likely going to wait until much closer to the patch’s release before I start talking about what talent build I would pick up.

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New Year’s Resolutions – Moonkin style

So, if your in-game character had a New Year’s resolution, what would it be?

If my moonkin had a New Year’s Resolution, it would be to go on a diet, since moonkin form is rather rotund. Unfortunately, no amount of exercising seems to take off those excess pounds.

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