Resto & moonkin 4.0.6 patch updates

So, there are a handful of changes (mostly positive) that hit the PTR, from both the official PTR patch notes and the unofficial MMO-champion notes. We’ll be talking more about these changes during the second episode of the Team Waffle Podcast, which we are pre-recording tomorrow (the 7th), which should be released early next week.

Also, remember that since we are talking about things on the PTR, they are subject to change without advanced warning.

For moonkin, the primary change of interest is to wild mushrooms:

  • Wild mushrooms are instant cast, with a 6 yard detonate radius. Their damage was also increased by 15%.

Since Wild Mushrooms are not widely used, any buff is a good one. This fixes two of their major problems: not being able to cast them while moving (due to their super annoying .5 sec cast time while still having the  normal GCD time) and the fact their radius was so small (at 3 yards) you risked wasting a bunch of time if they didn’t hit the target. This new version of Shrooms should be easier for moonkin to use, and will make them a better tool than they were before.

Leveling Resto changes:

They are changing the levels at which you get 3 abilities:

  • Rejuv will be lowered to level 3
  • Nourish will be lowered to level 8
  • Healing Touch will be increased to 78.

There was a huge problem for people leveling restoration druids – where we didn’t have any mana efficient heals at lower levels. Low level restoration druids have been complaining to me since Cataclysm came out that healing for lower level dungeons (before you got Nourish) was really difficult due to mana issues. So, Blizzard has fixed this really huge problem by swapping the levels you get Nourish & HT. That change, combined with making rejuv more mana efficient, will have a huge impact on leveling as a resto druid. So, if you were thinking of making a new resto druid healer, you might want to wait until 4.0.6 to start running dungeons with your sapling.

Resto changes targeted at max level:

The rest of the changes for restoration druids come in the form of things targeted at end-game healing. The set of changes will have big enough effects that I’ll have to release an updated guide version when the changes go live. For now, some highlights are:

  • The return of rejuv-spam with the decreased mana cost of rejuv (I swear they change rejuv’s mana cost every patch).
  • Nature’s Bounty is going to have an effect where you will lower Nourish’s cast time (by up to 30%) if you have rejuvenations on 3 or more targets.  This means that we may need to reconsider the points we’ve been dropping from Nature’s Bounty.
  • Omen of Clarity is only going to proc off healing spells through the Malfurion’s gift talent. So, as a resto druid without Malfurion’s Gift, you won’t get any OOC procs from your heals. When you spec into malfurion’s gift, you will be able to proc OOC off lifebloom ticks (only), according to the current tooltip. For feral & balance – our damage abilities & spells will still proc it like normal.
  • Regrowth buffed in several ways. First, it benefits from Empowered Touch, which will directly increase it’s healing done. In addition, they are changing the regrowth glyph to refresh the HOT when the target hits 50% health (which used to require the target to hit 25% health). I will probably still not use the regrowth glyph (since I don’t want to give up the rejuv, lifebloom, or swiftmend glyphs), but it makes the glyph less bad.

The set of changes for resto druids in the 4.0.6 patch is overall a buff. The changes should help raid/AOE healers find a more efficient way to keep people alive. This set of changes doesn’t fix the problem of having to rely on HOTs or single-target spells for most of our multi-target healing. However, I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining, since these are buffs – and all buffs are good…

The changes to our talents will likely have an impact on what talents you will want to pick up for your healing. However, I’m likely going to wait until much closer to the patch’s release before I start talking about what talent build I would pick up.

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31 comments on “Resto & moonkin 4.0.6 patch updates
  1. Birkeland says:

    Disclaimer: I won’t be getting into raids until this weekend, so if what I say doesn’t apply to raids, ignore me.

    The changes to natures bounty confuses me on its usefulness. If you need 3 rejuvs to benifit, assuming you have GotEM, thats still only 9s that you get that buff. Given that it will be dropping nourish by 1s at most, then we can only get 1, maybe 2 extra nourishes in during that buff. However, at least to my way of thinking, if we are throwing out a bunch of rejuvs it is going to be during an aoe healing phase, so we won’t have the time to use those nourishes.

    Also, just my 2 cents, the way it was worded I think they are intended to change Malfurion’s gift to benefit all heals.

    “Omen of Clarity can no longer trigger from helpful spells (aka heals), unless the Restoration talent Malfurion’s Gift is chosen.”

    To me, that implies that Malfurion’s gift will be changed to include all healing spells to proc OoC

    • Lissanna says:

      Malfurion’s gift hasn’t yet been changed to indicate that it would effect more than lifebloom, according to the patch notes I have available, so I can’t make that assumption at the moment. Its possible that they could change the talent, but it wasn’t in the MMO-champion’s listing of spell updates.

      I am actually hoping that we do more than just mindlessly blanket rejuv again for another expansion, so I’m hoping that interactions with other spells will make it possible for a more interesting healing strategy.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ll bet that glyph of regrowth will be awesome for Baron Ashbury in SFK.

  3. Tsukiko says:

    I secretly hoped they wouldn’t mess with Rejuv in any way.

    Looks to me that druids will be back to the old RJx5 WGx1, with a couple hasted nourishes in between.

    • aramis says:

      I wouldn’t say 5 at all. The mana redux is only a 10% difference. If anything, you’ll be able to keep it up on more than just your tank and yourself. But I wouldn’t go crazy and sprinkle it everywhere at 16% base cost.

  4. Boinks says:

    I’m going to throw this out there not because I believe it’s the best build in the future but because I think this is solid in my opinion.
    I’ve mauled over stats of all sorts and I’ve come to the same conclusion everyone else has. Efflorescence and Living Seed are a horrible waste of talent points. So I decided to get rid of them. People ask me why.. It was a simple answer really. I wasted 6 talent points for 11% of my heals.. I will not miss these at all. I’m going to be receiving a slight buff of other sorts from the 4% hot healing increase from 2/3 Genesis which over all should replace the 11% healing I lose from Eff and LS.
    Now for the next part people have ask me about (obviously this is the lack of Furor at all.) Why no Furor? Well that is also a pretty simple answer.. Why do I need a bonus 10-15% mana when my spell that was costing me 30%-40% of my mana every fight is going to cost half of that.. I’m going to be casting 2.3k mana rejuvs in the upcoming patch and I can afford to just have 75k mana instead of 90k.
    My heals are going to stay the same, I’m going to use the same mana BUT I’m going to be more comfortable using my regular healing rotation that I’ve been with since BC which in turn will let me heal better in the long run. I don’t mind change and I didn’t complain about “how hard” healing was when cata was released. If they want to bow to the legions of whiny 15 year olds playing this game who can’t take a challenge I don’t mind. In the long run they are just making it easier for me to heal in my own comfort zone and down content faster.
    Any feedback on my build or comments are greatly appreciated. Trolls, flamers or haters will be noted and mailed anthrax as your Valentines Day gift.

    • aramis says:

      If the changes stay on track, your tree proposal actually makes sense to me. My only tweak would be to fill out Nature’s Bounty and lose Nature’s Swiftness. Don’t get me wrong, an instaHealing Touch is nice, but the use of it with NS is so situational for me, I have never taken it (even back in Wrath). I even passed it over in PVP applications as getting that last minute instahugeheal off never really did anything except delay the inevitable. I think NS is such a neutered talent and could be tweaked to make it more useful than a SINGLE instaspell every three minutes. That is if we’re talkin’ about waste of talent tree points. People can argue with me until the cows come home about how much I’m missing with opting out of NS, but I’ve done just fine without it since, like, ever. Some people use it, good for them. I don’t, and I’m still fine.

      My first immediate thought about Furor with the rejuv changes was, “hrm, I might not need that extra 10/15% mana” because it balances out with the redux for Rejuv (which is usually what I spent that extra mana on given it costs like 5K at the moment). And couple that with points in Moonglow and I’m almost back to my comfort zone healing of putting RJ on more than just my tank and MAYBE someone else if I don’t need the swiftmend; now I can sprinkle them a bit more, though I won’t go crazy or anything.

      Overall I’m still not moved by the changes. I still think the answer wasn’t to reduce the price of Rejuv, but rather increase it’s potency. It’s lack of use thus far has been for this very reason. I’m glad they didn’t strip us completely of OOC though, I had a very hairy moment there yesterday when I was reading the patchnotes.

    • Deandre - Dalaran says:

      I really wouldn’t be surprised if they see a trend of people dropping their new toy of the healing puddle and they do some changes to force it back on us. I just hope the route they take is to unlink it from living seed like I’ve read some people asking.

    • Lissanna says:

      I still don’t plan on giving up Efflorescence. I still think it’s important.

      • Boinks says:

        I was checking out alot of the top druids in raids on world of logs and seeing their LS and Eff totals are only accounting for 2% total of their heals. I had my doubts about dropping them initially then I saw the logs for these heals and decided I can probably do with.. I might keep them in my dungeon build but for raids Ive got to say they need to go.

  5. StupidHero says:

    So, even more bloat in our already bloated talent tree I guess?

    Also, who’d want to use Regrowth as a flash heal – even more so after the OoC nerf – if he can have more healing (a lot) and a slightly higher mana consumption by using 3x Reju and Nourish (especially in the 2 tank fights, where you should have 2 LB’s and 2 Rejus going around whenever possibly)

  6. Lument says:

    I think the Rejuvx3 change for Nourish is because Blizzard still doesn’t want us to be blanketing Rejuvenation. It is boring and rewards good latency and strong finger muscles for spamming as quickly as possible. I haven’t given much thought to “Why 3?” but initially does feel like a fair number. If a Druid is tank healing, they can keep 3 Rejuvs out on the raid, buffing through Nourish to well under a 2s cast, meaning in the 10s cycle of Lifebloom, getting out 3x Rejuv + 2x Nourish + Wild Growth. Or, because Rejuv lasts more than 10 seconds, 2x Rejuv + 2x Nourish + Wild Growth + Swiftmend (Efflorescence). Like Nature’s Grace, Blizzard doesn’t seem to want the 3xRejuv buff to be up all the time. For raid healing, getting Rejuvs out (unsure of optimal number at this stage) and then hitting Nourish at a roughly 1.7s cast time for 10 seconds is pretty powerful, especially considering you’ll have 6 people with Wild Growth ticking for +20% on Nourish on them.

    Creating a Nourish and Rejuv “rotation” can lead to virtually 100% uptime of the buff, though. Alternating between Nourish and Rejuv (whether 1x each or 2x each, or 1x Nourish -> 2x Rejuv, or 2x Nourish -> 1x Rejuv) could mean excellent raid healing consistently from Rejuv and then good spot healing from a fast Nourish. The stagger of applying Rejuv between Nourish casts mean that we would still be able to get Wild Growth and Swiftmend off on CD because of the duration time of Rejuv.

    I like the change and see the 3x Rejuv requirements as still encouraging many spells to be used.

  7. thehampster says:

    Although I’m not thrilled about learning to heal all over again, these changes are welcome and seem very well thought out by Blizzard.

    1. We needed a stronger fast heal, and buff to RG is adequate. RG is a fast heal that is great for emergency healing b/c it proc’s NG’s. That lets us spam several RG’s very fast, which then get buffed by mastery. You can also add a swiftmend in there, making the the heal very useful for dire situations. I think that theorycrafters often overlook the emergency utility of RG and focus too much on the overall HPM and HPS.

    2. We can now raid heal again. The cheaper RJ’s and faster nourishes will be great for raid healing. I still wouldn’t drop furor as a previous poster suggested. I don’t think there is such thing as too much mana regen at this point. More mana will mean more rejuv blanketing, more HT’s, more RG’s, etc. Efflo can probably be dumped completely now and replaced with talents that buff RJ.

    3. Tank heals will be better than ever thanks to the faster nourish time if we keep RJ rolling on two additional targets, perhaps ourselves and the OT?

    • thehampster says:

      Oh yeah, I forgot to add that RG (which should virtually always be a crit if talented) will also always apply Living Seed. So that’s one more reason why Regrowth’s low numbers are misleading.

  8. Stariann says:

    If you think about it, Blizzard actually made druids go back to “Vanilla” healing style. The mindless spam healing from BC was a complete bore. I think I slept through much of BC healing with one button. (the poor button cowers in the corner, wimpering…..”don’t touch me!”)

    After leveling out Boomkin, I dared to try to heal some heroic’s only to realize I’m OOM’d. Thankfully I found your site and I’m back to the old healer I use to be. (Not before my fellow guildies kicked me from group and told me to go get some gear).

    Blizzard made it where we actually have to “think” about healing…and wait…don’t logical. I actually like that. But, for those nights where I want to mindless spam heal and actually keep people alive, it would be nice also.

    I will keep my fingers crossed come patch.

    • Lissanna says:

      I think that Vanilla healing was still pretty spammy for druids, since we didn’t have many tools in the first place (we relied mostly on Rank 4 HT, max rank HT, rejuv, & regrowth). So, I think they want us using a newer healing style that’s better than the ones we had before. I’m still not sure that we’re quite there yet even with the new changes.

  9. Selinya says:

    Nature’s Bounty just doesn’t seem worth it still. Having to keep 3 rejuves going is a bit excessive. I don’t know, maybe it’s just because Nourish is so lackluster, I really don’t feel like wasting 3 points to buff such a lame spell.

    The rejuve change is nice, but still, none of these changes fix the problem that we still lack a real AoE. Maybe I’m missing something, but it feels like these changes aren’t addressing the real problems. Overall it may be a buff, but I just don’t feel like it fixes what we need.

  10. Elro says:

    If it turns out that glyphing for regrowth becomes super useful I can see myself losing the swiftmend glyph and just being much more conscious of waiting to use it until the last tick of rejuv.

  11. Labrax says:

    First at all thank you for this site from a french drood.

    I wonder how this ptr will affect my template. indeed I use a 8 – 3 – xx. Those changes sounds like going to a 2-3-xx to get malfuriin and nature s bounty.
    What are your thoughts as long as you are also using this initial template?

    Will I need to use healbot to spam / stack Rejuv ?

  12. Benarus says:

    This is definitely an interesting change, although I think they should still keep the cooldown reduction of swiftmend present. Having an actual rotation, definitely a different flavor to the healing mix.

    Efflorescence still needs a buff though. Why not treat it like Healing Rain? Have it proc a 25-50% strength rejuv on everyone affected by the first tick (not those who run in after the fact). Have the lesser strength rejuv work independently of a full strength rejuv (neither is overwritten by the other, both can exist concurrently). Give us a real raid healing tool.

  13. Benarus says:

    Or another idea that would be pretty sweet…

    1. 3x Rejuv to proc hasted Nourish.
    2. Hasted Nourishes then casted on a target with a 3x lifebloom refresh the duration of all the druid’s existing Rejuvs up to a maximum of 9 seconds each (similar to the current functionality of Moonfire/Starfire as boomkin).
    3. ???
    4. Profit!

    • Benarus says:

      One more follow up :-p

      Perhaps introduce a reverse-stack effect to the extended rejuvs. Each time they’re refreshed, they increase in strength by 50% each time (by gaining a ‘stack’), working the opposite way Wild Growth does. Potentially included in this version, either an increase of mana cost of rejuv (actually the current cost) and/or reduce the current initial strength of rejuv.

      • Deandre - Dalaran says:

        Not trying to be a downer here, but that sounds a lot like Lifebloom without a target limit.

  14. Treeboi says:

    The way I read the healing changes, it looks like the current, primary method of mana conservation that most druids seem to be using, namely:

    Spec into Malfurion’s Gift and prioritize Omen of Clarity procs on Healing Touch

    is going to be set in stone, as this looks like the route that Blizzard is steering us towards with the new changes. I know that this is *not* the way you’ve been healing, Lissanna, but it *is* the way that most druids seem to be healing, and it’s looking like it is going to be the way that Blizzard wants us to heal.

    • aramis says:

      This is how I heal, actually.

      LBX3 on Tank, and spam nourish (as Lissanna said once, Nourish is akin to an “autohit heal” LOL). I spam nourish until OOC procs and then decide who needs it if anyone at all. At the beginning of fights, usually the tank gets it because the group has been mindful of damage. Then continue spamming nourish. If the tank drops below 75% health, pop Rejuv, then continue spamming nourish. If he drops below 60 and still has RJ, then I SM.

      This method seems to work with my mana. I use WG only when I need to HoT up the group to get some mastery’d direct heals on them if they need it.

      Occasionally, a melee dps-er tanks damage or aggros and takes a wallop. I just pop a rejuv on him and alternate my “autohit” nourish between him and the tank, and it’s a lovely day when OOC procs and then use it on the DPS who just took that hit.

      With this method, I’m able to keep the tank almost full, and the rest of the group between 60-85% while my mana only drops from 92K to 60K before I innervate and repeat the whole process. Only but a few fights take a toll on my mana outside of raiding (Rajh, Setesh, and Ozumat phase 3).

  15. Tralia says:

    I think the changes are in the right direction as it will imo at least give the class back a bit of its own feel. Problem is though it once again feels like Blizzard is taking the easy way out and instead of giving us something we need ( AOE heal ) they are messing with Rejuv to try and cover that without it getting back to what it was in Wrath. There is a very fine line there and the changes seem to be ones that will push us more and more in that direction the more gear we get.

    I’m still not sure why they seem so opposed to giving us a new spell, its like the only thing they’ve ever said where it honestly feels like even if its insanely obvious we need it they still wouldn’t.

    Overall I’m not to surprised they took this route. Ghostcrawler did reply to me once that they would move in the direction of Rejuv being OP before they would let it become a rarely pushed button. I guess it wasn’t getting enough use so this is the way they went.

  16. Rivellana says:

    Does anyone know when this patch is due out? For some reason I thought it’d be Tuesday but now I think I must be mistaken?

    I haven’t raided yet due to my guild having a lot of real life obligations over the holidays however I had originally skipped all of the rejuvenation enhancing talents and only put one point into Nature’s Bounty so I know I’m going to have to change my spec when this patch comes out…

    I’m hoping some people here who are into raids now could tell me what spells resto druids are currently using most in raids?

    • Lissanna says:

      It takes anywhere from 1 week to 1 month for this kind of patch. It won’t likely be this Tuesday, because it didn’t hit the PTR until Thursday, so Tuesday would be less than a week of time on the PTR.

  17. Beyotamah says:

    So with great interest I downloaded the PTR client and transferred my mid-level druid over to play with the changes since I’ve stepped back from healing due to mana and throughput issues even with full heirlooms. And surprise surprise, while my talents were reset, I still have the old spell levels. *siiiigh* Maybe they’ll figure it out on Monday. 🙂

  18. Kuhbus says:


    brought my Pally Twink to 85 and did my first few heroics als healer. I really love my druid heal (still my main) but I’m a bit jealous of his balanced and “all-purpose” skills and talents.
    He is definitely a better tank heal and if the grp / raid stacks on the heal on heavy aoe dmg he is also a better grp heal than my druid … a bit frustrating now 🙁
    Despite the fact that a pally simply can’t run oom …

  19. Rivellana says:

    New PTR notes, they decreased the CD of WG by 2 seconds! I can’t even express how excited I am about that. So many times I’ve gone to hit my WG and found it still on CD when I needed it and thought to myself, man I wish they’d decreased the CD on that.


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