The one with more rejuv spam

In my last post, I posed a question about which log was from ICC and which was from my Cataclysm raiding. The correct answer is that the first log (with actually a little less spell selection variety) was my Cataclysm healing done in my first 25-man. The point I was trying to make is that rejuv/WG spam is really the primary AOE healing strategy for druids in Cataclysm, even though Blizzard seemingly made all these changes to reduce our reliance on Rejuv/WG spam.

For the 4.0.6 patch, Blizzard seems to be throwing in the towel with their design for Cataclysm by reducing the mana cost of rejuv (making it easier to spam) and reducing the cooldown on wild growth (along with buffing the healing it does). They seem to have backed themselves into a corner, where the only “fix” for keeping resto druids viable right now is to buff rejuv/WG spam, since they never provided an alternative healing strategy (despite my cries for a new AOE healing spell such as a Healing Shroom ability to supplement Rejuv & WG for AOE healing). I think that they really should have buffed Living Seed and/or Efflorescence to make that talent selection more worthwhile for AOE/Raid healing, with Efflorescence just not holding up in terms of the amount of healing it does.  Maybe they should move efflorescence to the newly redesigned Wild Mushrooms (and then put in a Prime glyph to drop 3 shrooms at once), so that we can leave Swiftmend as the emergency tank heal cooldown, and have the ability to mix up our 25-man healing rotation into something that requires a little more skill to do well.

Now, my spell variety in 5-mans and 10-mans is much higher, where most things don’t account for more than 30% of my overall healing done. However, one of the reasons why my spell selection is better is because I end up spending a lot of time tank healing in 5’s and 10’s (which is actually something I enjoy doing, because I feel like I’m using my brain). A really fun healing style is blending tank & raid healing, to be able to make real judgments about spell selection and triage.

After 4.0.6, I think that a more dynamic healing style for 25-mans would be to put up rejuvs on 3 people (to get hasted Nourishes), and then otherwise focus on tank healing (with occasional WG’s on the raid to help out). That’s probably the best alternative for resto druids who are sick of being rejuv-bots on 25-man raids (so, let your druids tank heal if they don’t like the rejuv-spam AOE healing style).  The 4.0.6 changes have the possibility of making resto druid healing more fun/dynamic. However, unless we’re primarily tank healing, I’m not sure the AOE/raid healing strategies will be much more fun than what we were doing all of WotLK. The good news is that if you enjoy rejuv/WG raid healing spam, you should keep having fun in Cata as a 25-man healer.

Nerfing rejuv & WG spam before Cata went live just had the consequence of making us not very viable for healing at the higher-end of raiding content. So, to keep us viable, the 4.0.6 patch is basically putting us back to where we started in WotLK (before 4.0 even hit), where we either have to rejuv/WG-spam our way to victory, or just not be assigned to raid healing. I suppose that being deemed as viable should make us happy, and mostly this post is just nit-picking.

In the end, it’s going to be a constant battle of buffs and nerfs to rejuv & WG every patch between now and when they give us another AOE healing spell (even if that isn’t until 5.0). At least in 4.0.6, we’re on the up-swing of having viable raid heals with the number of buffs we’re getting, so we should be viable for either tank or raid healing at any level of content in 4.0.6. My recommendation at this point would be to buckle-up and enjoy the roller-coaster, since Cataclysm is going to feel like history repeating.

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  1. Aleaf says:

    It feels for me that 10-man healing was always more fun, as you can’t stick to one role and need to help other healers. Especially if you have 2 healers — there is no way of 100% splitting tank and raid healing.

    At least now you have a choice between tank healing and raid healing in 25s. You pretty much was stuck with raid healing in wotlk

  2. matt says:

    I agree that blizz has thrown in the towel on resto druids, and pretty much all raid healing 25s. My prediction: WoW 5 won’t ship with 25 man raids or they will get pushed to the side like 2v2 arena. With 5-6 healers, each one is restricted to only what they do BEST, everybody is second place to a pally on tanks. Unless you let a druid rejuv spam, or a shaman CH spam, there is nothing that we are best at.

    10-mans are so fun to heal right now, with a mix of tank and raid heals, triage, and spell selection choices, i don’t know why anyone would choose to heal 25s especially after seeing that depressing parse of yours.

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, it’s possible to have parses come out different ways, and different encounters will have different spell breakdowns. My sample size of 1 is still small. 😉

  3. Jilto says:

    I have a question. I get that Rejuv and WG spamming would certainly result in higher heals (and possibly putting me back on the top of the healing charts), but how are you keeping your mana throughout an encounter? Almost all of my healing is coming from LB and Nourish, and while I do occasionally use Rejuv, I just don’t see how it could be spammable even with three points in Moonglow.

    I know the upcoming expansion is going to nerf the Rejuv cost and make it slightly more like it used to be, which it should, but I just do not understand how you are currently doing that. I would go out of mana way too fast 🙁

    Anyway, if you have addressed this issue before and I have just not seen it, I apologize, but I am quite curious how you are doing it.

    • Lissanna says:

      Magmaw (the fight the chart is from) has the phases where his head is pinned down, which allows for using a potion of concentration. The rejuv mana reduction also went through already. 🙂

    • Boinks says:

      I have a plethora of items I use for making sure I keep mana up. As Lissanna suggested Potion of Concentrations are awesome but only in fights which you have time for it. Otherwise you have 3 options which I use liberally. Mythical Mana Potions, Eat the Delicious Sagefish Tail +90spirit/stam buff food as well and use a Flask of Flowing Water (+300 spirit) coupled with a good mix of weapon enchants and trinket which proc off extra spirit. This however should not be your only mana regen. Using a self innervate at 70% mana should let you use it twice during and encounter. You also have to let the rest of your raid do their part Mana Tide, Hymn of Hope, etc to allow you to regen mana when needed. Most of all remember that you arent alone in healing you don’t need to HoT everyone up you can let people float to 70% hp and they’ll be fine keeping a raid alive is far more important then keeping them topped off (unless of course you have to have the raid topped off for a certain incoming aoe spell cast by a boss.)

      • Lissanna says:

        I use intellect food & flasks, since Int actually edges out Spi for druids, due to Revitalize.

        • Boinks says:

          Revitalize is roughly around 17 mp5 with 4800 int and it hops up to a whopping 18 mp5 when you hit 5100 int. now are gaining another 90 or so mp5 benefit over the course of your innervate because of the extra int.(both of these are assuming you are in combat) Now 390 spirit on the other hand gives you 221 mp5 while not in combat and a total of 110.5 mp5 in combat.. this equals roughly the exact same numbers.. yes I just did that math.. and it hurt my brain so much I don’t feel like writing out exact calculations and shit but I did a rough estimate and I have concluded your mp5 gain from int and spirit buffs and flask are almost exactly the freaking same…. so now the setting is set for a future blog Lissanna.. which is better? Spirit or Int? Do you want spirit buffs or int buffs and do you prefer Heartsong or Power Torrent on your weapon..

          • Daroonia says:

            I think you pretty much answered your own question there, if both stats give the same mana regen, why wouldn’t you go with int for additional spell power/crit?

            Also, when you consider 2 resto druids trading innervates, you should get an additional 50% benefit from it (assuming both are glyphed).

          • Moonra says:

            Intellect buffs all the way, Intellect provides regen through procs, spellpower and of course increases you overal mana (more fuel = longer drives). don’t forget int also affects the regen giving by spirit.

            enchant wise I’d say heartsong, from what I’ve see the uptime of heartsong is insane (30-50%) while power torrent is much much lower.

          • aramis says:


            Mortal Kombat Screen…

            Int vs. Spirit


        • Synackk says:


          Mortal Kombat Screen…

          Int vs. Spirit


          Except Intellect would instantly KO spirit on the first round.

    • warii says:

      The rejuv cost fix has been on live now from a hotfix.Now it only cost 16% of ur basic mana.Though the speel describe didn’t change,and u cant cast it when u dont have more than 26% of ur basic mana.That will be totally done after the 4.06 patch.

      • Triplet says:

        I know this news came out since you posted this, but Rejuv is being UN-BUFFED from 16% -> 20% (source: updated patch notes). It is still better than 26%, but it is still too expensive considering all of our Raid *fixes* assume we have Rejuv rolling on 3 people and spam WG every cooldown.

  4. Mainframe says:

    Well someone makes a valid point about no one coming close to pallies when it comes to tank healing, though it’s not too bad for druids as is right now. I’ve never had an issue with mana and similarly go for intellect buffs. I cannot understand how nourish can be that high on your healing meters though, because it never really features at all in my healing ‘rotations’ (if I can even call it that as I change healing styles depending on the fight).
    With regards to spammable hots I mean here’s my guild’s World of logs data for Atramedes where I only really use hots to heal most of the time, and as you can see on our last encounter there I was reaching well over 10k hps so it’s not like we need an increased ability to spam hots tbh.

    Am I being overly harsh on resto druids?

    • Lissanna says:

      I used Nourish like 1 or 2 times on the kill for the log I linked earlier… But I can see how people who get put on tanks would try to use more nourish when they feel like they might have mana problems (though HT definitely makes up more of my healing done even on tanks). After the 4.0.6 changes go live, Nourish will be faster when you have rejuv on 3 targets (if you talent into it), which increases nourish’s viability as a spot-healer in raids.

  5. Moonra says:

    what I found strange is that Blizzard wanted to make Druids good at both tank/raid healing, yet they did not seem to understand that Druids were only good at raid healing in Wrath because of Rejuv. The high mana cost wasn’t that much of an issue in 10mans but I can see how it caused trouble in 25’s, and our two main AE spells being on cd’s wasn’t very helpful either.

    I’m glad they changed it back, blanket is “not yet” possible because you’ll run OoM fast enough, the only fight so far where I was tempted to blanket the whole raid was Al’akir 2th phase when the dps are a bit slacking. In heroic T11 gear or higher I can see “Rejuv spam” coming back.

    doesn’t change much for me, in Wrath I used most of my spells, in Cata I will do the same 🙂

  6. Valaa says:

    After some troubles with my first HC dungeos – my gear was at the edge of being crap and I was near tears not to be able to keep my group alife – I finally found my way of healing in Cata even if I only use a third of my spells and always hope for procs. For me this new mechanic was some kind of gimping myself.

    I was one of these druids in WotLk that healed “wrong” as I didn’t only spam Rejuv/WG but used also my other spells (yes, I believe we had them). And now, well, I can use LF only on one target, must hope for OoC to cast Regrowth/HT, WG is most of the time a bad joke and Rejuv is simply to expensive to cast it all the time. So it was tough… we became the HoT class that can no longer HoT. Weird enough I now sometimes does MT healing if there is no paladin around. I like that but I really had hoped for a “revival” of our HoT mechanic.

    Now I am happy that we will get at least one of our HoTs back. It still is costly but I no longer have to calc if it is possible to spend my mana on Rejuv right now. And WG will become more useful. 😀

  7. aramis says:

    My assessment is this, HoT healing such as is the core of healing upon which Resto Druids rely (and this goes for damage prevention healing for the disc priests as well) was NEVER going to fit in their paradigm for healing. You can’t use a HoT on a large chunks of damage and expect it to do anything no matter how large the healthpool is (meaning yeah, they won’t die in two seconds, but they won’t get health back as a HoT ticks and they continue to take more damage) because our direct heals just are NOT strong enough because we have to balance both weaker direct heals when compared to pure direct heal classes and HoTs that are now ineffective considering the health being taken away in such a large pool.

    And then to neuter our HoT applications such as they did by making them expensive or on a long cooldown with no way of truly healing more than single targets and that is why you look at logs from Paragon or Method on their heroic kills and between the two of them the only NON-pally/priests they used (resto shaman) is on the bottom of the heals by a rather large margin.

    I honestly don’t know how many more ways I can say this… the rejuv/wg spam isn’t the answer, that much we’re in agreement, but the real answer was to just have HoTs hit harder. Spreading HoTs around to people who are already getting healed from stronger AOE-direct healers means we’ll only find ourselves in the same place we were in during Icecrown: The overhealbots.

    HoT-based healing is about damage mitigation and I feel like a broken record every time I say that. If the blues actually went into the design room with that in mind, we could come up with more ways to keep our heals from getting wasted via overhealing (they came up with it for pallys…overhealing creates a damage absorb bubble that lasts 7seconds or until damage is taken, so why they can’t come up with a nature barrier of sorts for Resto Druids is beyond me).

    If the rejuv/wg spam is the way they want to go…and you know this means in larger groups like 25mans, that will amount overhealing on our parts because the pallys using beacon and the PoH/CoH-spamming priests are going to beat your HoTs to the punch, then add to or redesign Nature’s Ward to add a bubbling component that turns our heals that happen to overheal a target into a damage prevention barrier that stacks up to a certain amount. It doesn’t have to be all the amount that is overhealed, but enough to take the bite out of the fact that we’re overhealrejuvbots again.

  8. Robert says:

    I love your healing shrooms idea. Maybe just change wild mushrooms so that they heal allies that they hit while still damaging enemies that they hit. Paladins have a lot of abilities that both heal and do damage, and Druids do not yet, and something along that vein seems kind of druidish. Although if they do that to mushrooms it’s possible they could become overpowered, particularly for boomkin. Maybe giving mushrooms the ability to heal would have to be a resto talent.

  9. Clint says:

    I would agree, the healing mushrooms would be cool. The only issue I see with that is that it would end up being to much like Efflorescence. Dropping the mushrooms out would be more fun, but the end result would be similar to Efflorescence. I could see Healing Shrooms being very nice in a 25m setting. Dropping them in three different pre-determined location, waiting for Boss to use ability X, detonate shrooms, heal a bunch( or a bit).

    • Lissanna says:

      Well, if they moved efflorescence to shrooms (and made it heal more), then that would free up swiftmend to be an emergency single-target ability again. 😉

  10. Lument says:

    The only real issue I have with 4.0.6 changes is the removal of being able to keep 2x Lifeblooms up. I think that has added such an amazing dynamic to Druid healing that was both fun and a pretty good boost. It created something the “manage” that was challenging and very rewarding. Even though it was an accident, I think Blizz should have kept it in.

    Otherwise, my guild is only hitting heroics starting next week but we’ve done everything on regular. I am a bit of an optimist when it comes to Restoration Druids. My guild has a pretty even mix of healers and our 25m’s typically have 2 Druids, 2 Priests, 1 Shaman, and 1 Paladin (we drop a Druid if we with 5 healers).

    I feel like it is about synergy across all the healing classes and each brings their piece to the pie. In our raids, we assign each Druid to a tank for LB, 1 tank gets Shaman Earth Shield and the other tank gets Paladin Beacon. While I (Druid) am “assigned” to a tank, I ensure that 1) WG is used on CD, 2) Swiftmend drops Efflorescence on CD, and 3) I have at least 3x Rejuv out on the raid (since the announcement of the change) though I’ve actually been managing more like 5x. I’m approaching healing the tank and getting Rejuvs out on the raid in a “rotation” kind of way. Nourish -> Rejuv -> Nourish -> Rejuv -> Nourish -> Rejuv, etc. (swap in Healing Touch if tank needs a bigger heal). By doing this, I am effectively keeping the tank alive while also keeping out quite a few Rejuvs/WG/Eff and thus doing quite a bit of healing. As I’ve geared up, I’ve found I can spam Rejuv and even Regrowth quite a bit more making it all that much better.

    Another consideration is “when”. I am finding that Rejuv spam does have its place but it isn’t all the time: phase 3 of Twilight Council, final phase of Cho’gall, when on the frost guys platform on Conclave, phase 2 of Ala’kir (though a “lite” spam imo), Omnotron when Magmatron is up and raid can’t stack due to the guy who does chain lightning being up (always get Electron/Aracanotron mixed up), Magmaw pretty much the entire time, Chimaeron just before Feud (to get the HoTs ticking), Maloriak during Red, etc. Even at the updated 16% spell cost, it still costs like 3300 mana which is not cheap so it isn’t truly spammable like it was in Wrath. It is for this reason that I decide “when” I need-to/can Rejuv spam because it is a fair mana dump. There is also the important change up to things of Tree + LB spam, which is incredible for ramping up heals on people but most importantly instant and free Regrowths anywhere on the raid.

    It almost sounds like Druids want to do the same thing all the time and it work brilliantly for them in all situations. On the contrary, I am finding that there are multiple ways to dish out Druids heals and each methodology has its time and place and thus better/higher/more-efficient output. Perhaps I’m just buying into the Blizzard thinking too much and trying to force it to work. My guild isn’t the best in the world but a couple of our healers have similar (or better) output numbers/spreads as the top guilds. As a Druid I’m never able to “beat” them in output but I’m never far behind. I’m diligently using all the tools in my box to get as much healing as possible out and I’m seeing great numbers because of it (can provide World of Logs if anyone wants to peruse data). If I were to pigeonhole myself into just Rejuv spam, I believe I’d be missing out on a lot and not contributing to keeping people alive as best as a Druid can.

    • Lissanna says:

      No, most druids don’t want to be stuck as rejuv/WG-spammers – they want tools and options, and for their spell selection choices to feel interesting and dynamic. I’m just not convinced that Blizzard made druids’ toolbox interesting & dynamic for 25-man healing.

      • Vincent says:

        Well duh! We got left in the dirt Living Seed and Efflorescence are the only spec changing alterations. Resto druids really need another spell to add to there miniscule spell book. Perhapse a hot with a long(er) duration.

  11. Ciridan says:

    Dam your posts are always hitting the nail so harcore! Raiding 10M hc Content Atm (maloriak) Sitting out every single dam raid because of the shit burst aoe output!
    WTB healing shrooms
    Keep up the awesome work!

  12. Lotha says:

    I see from the BWD log there are no regrowth heals. I took that spell of my bar when i got to lvl 83 , I put it back on at lvl 85 when my my combat regen got over 2000 but I still don’t use it. I thought i would use when in tree form but I seldom use that either, also it would be nice if we got a different spell bar when in tree form like when we change to other forms since our spell priority’s change in tree.

    • Chiraa says:


      I don’t know if you are adverse to using addons, but generally Bartender or Dominos can be set up to change your visible bars with a change in druid form… very helpful, and just what you asked for.

  13. Chiraa says:

    You know, I was thinking about the lack of burst healing druids have, and I would like a spell that allowed us to “bloom” our Lifeblooms… especially with the change, where EVERY cast time spell will be refreshing that stack, we will no longer have a choice to let them expire. The timing just doesn’t work out right sometimes when you really need a couple burst heals in a row in a short amount of time. Nature’s Swiftness is on too long of a CD to be useful, and frankly one Healing Touch isn’t likely to save anyone. However, being able to use two globals to use a NS+HT and have our LB stack bloom WHEN WE WANT IT TO, could very helpfully address that issue, especially on tanks.

    Also, even though they said we wouldn’t be GCD locked, I pretty much feel that way sometimes. In ToL It takes so fricken long to get LBs on everyone who needs in it, that frankly, that is just useless as a healing strat if things suddenly go south, and now that they are shortening the duration of ToL, that is going to make it worse. I have to hope that they wont die before I can get a substantial heal on them or the 8 seconds expire. Having no control over LB’s bloom is part of the problem. It still wouldn’t really be a new spell… since they seem determined to not give us one.

    I’m also dubious about the hasted Nourishes being useful, unless nourish benefits from multiple hots on the target. Its just too weak even with symbiosis… I can only use it when there is a lull in damage… otherwise I get can get behind very quickly.

    At the moment this is all in relation to just healing Heroics…. my guild is still struggling with them, since we have lost a few of our better members to RL issues for the moment. I’m not sure how much of it being a case of it being “less fun” for them, but I’m the only healer in my guild right now who wants to heal.


  14. Xorkrik says:

    Speaking of roller-coaster… New PTR patch notes: Rejuv is now 20% base mana cost. /rolleyes. Maybe in a few months blizzard will finally settle on weather or not we should be rejuv spamming.

    • Boinks says:

      I thought the 16% was too much personally. I easily blanketed my raid in rejuv spam during P2 on Al’Akir as well as P2 on Nefarion I was just busting out rejuv and swiftmends. each fight ended with me having 30k mana left. It didnt feel stressful enough so the 20% should be a happy medium. I wont go oom but I’ll probably have about 5-10k mana left and that’s mostly have Blizzard is excepting us to do it. Mana is not supposed to be an unmovable bar its a resource and we need to us it to the maximum without going oom or having too much left over.

  15. Tralia says:

    I’m not really surprised and its one reason I’ve finally bit the bullet and switched to my Warrior as my main. This will be the first time in 5 years a healer wasn’t my main so its a bit sad.

    They have pretty much made two bullheaded statements since Beta started, 1) No Rejuv/WG spam, 2,) No new heals. With there refusal to give the spec something it desperately needs its forcing them to back down on #1. Classes needs something that can let them heal more than one person effectively and unless they buff some spells or give us a new one its not gonna happen.

    It appears they would rather go back to Rejuv/WG spam than give us a new heal and in doing so means Druid healing ( much how i think Shaman healing will be too) will be nothing more than a Rollercoaster ride for the entire expansion. One patch we will be insanely OP and the next we will be garbage thusly I’m choosing to get off the coaster.

    It really is sad that they seem to be this bull headed on things, if its this obvious to the healing community as a whole, its gotta be obvious to the Devs too. There is no way they have gotten as bad as SOE this quickly when it comes to development, but every day I read more and more statements that remind me far too much of the SWG Devs when they just made poor design choices.

  16. Rivellana says:

    I’m sure you’ve all seen it now, the 16% rejuvs we’ve been enjoying are being bumped to 20%. I hate any nerfs, but I still think it will be ok with the buffs we’ll see to WG when the patch hits.

    I know they’re balancing, but jeez I just wish they’d make up their minds. That being said, they’re nerfing holy pallies with this latest version of the patch too, 10% extra mana cost on their divine light, holy light and flash of lights.

    • Ciridan says:

      @ rivellana, Being in heroic ten mans atm, I can tell you i havent killed a single boss because how horrible were atm. I dont think a simple WG buff will fix this. Simply because holy radiance and the holy priest zone (with mastery proc ><) will do around double the healing were pulling with tree and wild growth spams. Having a owl innering the holy paladin and just spamming radiance is the way to go on most bosses.

      But no, I dont think it will bring us next to holydins even with the 10% nerf and the other changes incomming.

  17. Saeadame says:

    I feel like the Rej/WG changes were (almost) more for healing heroic 5-mans than anything. I am currently unable to raid, and while I’m doing just fine for gear now, being decked out in full 346 and a smattering of 359, “entry” level healing for heroics was an exercise in extreme mana management, and using Rej was just too expensive to have in a regular healing “rotation”. It was one of those spells I used if I already had Lifebloom, a clearcast Regrowth, and had already used up my Swiftmend and the tank was still losing damage at an alarming rate. Along with expensive Rejuvenation, Wild Growth was also expensive and just didn’t heal for that much… Unavoidable AoE damage couldn’t be healed with a single Wild Growth cast, and casting more than one Rejuvenation was just way too expensive, so I’m stuck using cast time spells like Nourish to get these people out of the danger zone.

    Like I said, it’s gotten better as my gear gets better, but without raiding to immediately bump up your healing throughput, those two spells just weren’t good enough.


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