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Lissawen’s leveling by lolmanglespam

So, for research needed to keep my leveling guide updated, I’ve been leveling a new druid, who I named Lissawen. She’s a worgen on the same server as my main druid. However, this worgen druid is feral – mostly because I love the Worgen feral forms and I had feral heirlooms that I bought before Cataclysm hit.

This druid is also an herbalist/miner, and I’ve found that I get a ton of experience just from leveling those professions.

One observation I had from leveling from 1 to 29 was that: Multiple heirlooms + guild perks + rested XP = super fast leveling speeds

So, most of the way from 12 to 28 I just spammed a lot of mangle. I tried out other “rotations”, but since I was usually 3 or so levels above everything I was fighting (because I leveled faster than I progressed through quests), most things were dieing in 2 or 3 hits anyway. When I actually fight equal level mobs, I find that opening from stealth & using Ravage ends up being more effective. So, the rotation section of my leveling guide doesn’t seem very useful at the earliest levels.

However, at higher levels  (maybe around the time you hit Outlands), I’m pretty sure doing more than mangle spam is useful. A more complete rotation is probably also more helpful if you don’t have heirlooms.

As I level up my new druid, I’ll be posting more about my adventures in feral cat leveling!

I really do enjoy the new questing zones! I’m having so much fun!

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healing cooldown discussion

So, in a recent post by Nethaera, it was mentioned that Blizzard was concerned about the class balance of healer cooldowns. More specifically, Neth Said:

We agree with the sentiment among some players that Restoration druids and Restoration shaman are lacking in the healing cooldown department.

So, this means that right now is really the perfect time to talk about what should (or shouldn’t) happen for resto druids in terms of getting a healing cooldown.

First, I should define what type of cooldown we’re most likely talking about. Technically, tree form is a cooldown, but it increases the healing we do, and doesn’t decrease the damage a tank takes. No, the type of cooldown we’re talking about should really be something that reduces a tank’s damage taken and/or make it more likely that the tank will live through heavy burst damage in the form of increased tank health or increased healing effects done to the tank (ie. pain suppression, guardian spirit, hand of sacrifice).

Possible fixes:

  1. They could introduce totally new abilities/talents for resto druids & resto shaman to fill a tank-saving cooldown role. It would make more sense for the changes to come in the form of talents, but it would have to be done in a way that doesn’t just introduce “more bloat” to the resto druid talent tree.
  2. They could change Nature’s Swiftness to make it more useful. They could make Nature’s Swiftness a 2 minute cooldown for both specs, and then have the target take X% less damage after Nature’s Swiftness is used to heal them (or some other similar mechanic). That would give resto druids a reason to spec back into the NS talent. I missed the talent for all of about 1 day until I learned how to heal without Nature’s Swiftness in my druid’s talent spec, and now I don’t miss it at all.
  3. If they either introduce a new talent to the resto druid tree, or change an existing talent, they will need to address druid talent “bloat” such as finally deciding to un-link living seed from efflorescence (or, maybe change living seed & reduce the point cost to turn it into a cool ability instead of a waste of 3 talent points).

What Blizzard shouldn’t do:

  • Blizzard should NOT be lazy and just make barkskin castable on other people. Why? Well, because we’d loose the ability to use that cooldown on ourselves, and it would have an impact on the other druid talent specs & PvP in ways that would cause the ability to get nerfed over time and things would get worse instead of better. Instead, whatever they give us should be in addition to what we already have. While it could be an easy short-term solution, it would be potentially detrimental in the long-run. Resto druids really need barkskin to protect casting their own tranquility channeled spell and such, and we’d lose that if we always had to save barkskin for a tank.

Commenting is now disabled. Thank you everyone for your opinions. The conversation was breaking down, so I decided its time to wait and see what the devs decide. You can still view the comments.

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saving yawning’s feral cat guide

So, there was apparently some excitement on the WoW forums today. Yawning decided to call it quits. However, his goodbye post managed to get him banned, and along with that came the deleting of all his posts and all the content from his feral DPS guide stickied on the forums.

While I know I don’t have a lot of feral readers, I wanted to put a link to a version of his cat DPS guide for people to find until we can either get a new feral cat guide writer on the forums or something happens to fix the situation.

You can now find Yawning’s Feral DPS guide at this google docs link here. Someone else put the guide there, but I wanted to link to it so we can make sure that it’s available for people.

Good bye Yawning, best of luck with whatever adventures are in store for you now that Blizzard has freed up all your time by banning you from the forums. If you ever come back to WoW and want to express yourself, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll post here (or elsewhere) for you.

To the blizzard forum mod squad: You guys really need to find a way to moderate without deleting important stickied information sources.

UPDATE: Maybelle from Stormrage has taken up the responsibility of maintaining the cat druid forum guide

Update 2: You can find Yawning’s goodbye post here.

Update 3: In a twist of fate, it looks like Tangedyn may be taking over the cat guide instead. Glad to see so many people supporting the kitties!

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Trees can dance if you want to…

So, 4.0.6 had two incredibly awesome buffs that aren’t really documented anywhere.

First, when I got bored in an instance, I shifted into tree and hit /dance. To my surprise, it actually DANCED!

Tree form also has an “idle” animation (ie. what tree does while you are not casting):

Also, after weeks of flight training, I’m also happy to report that my baby moonkin pet has taken to the air!

That said, I’m not sure what other animations tree form has or what other goodies may have shown up in 4.0.6.

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