4.0.6 patch is soon – healing guide updated

So, with MMO-champion predicting the release of the 4.0.6 patch on Tuesday, I spent some time this weekend making updates to my Resto healing guide. I put up the new 406 version (draft 1) on my blog site today. It will work fine for the weekend leading up to the patch (or even if it gets delayed), since the changes aren’t really that huge.

Highlights of updated Resto guide version:

  • New talent page updated for 4.0.6, revamped to include the 3 template specs discussed a few weeks ago.
  • Clarifications and minor revisions to healing strategies. The lowered rejuv mana cost and increased WG healing (lowered cooldown on WG, too) makes rejuv/WG-style AOE healing easier to do again.
  • Mastery stat buffed such that in most cases, it will be equal to or better than haste (BUT stat choices are still role and gear-dependent such that a tool like Tree Calcs is going to be useful for helping you decide how to gear). For my gearing purposes for moonkin-resto hybrid gear, I’m still going to need to value haste above mastery due to mastery not being as good for moonkin and the amount of AOE healing I do in 25’s…
  • Other fixes and changes in each section of the guide.

Anyway, I wanted to get this done early. I’ll update the forum sticky post either on Monday or Tuesday. I like doing pre-views on my blog before I post the final version on the forums. I’ll  probably do some minor edits to the blog version over the course of the week once we see the final version of the patch (and whatever hot-fixes happen after the patch, lol).

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10 comments on “4.0.6 patch is soon – healing guide updated
  1. Mollie says:

    I totally appreciate your blog! Thanks so much for the advice and time you put into the specs and strategies that help people like me who really need the help.

  2. Amtractor says:

    First of all i am a 10man healer, only raid i do on 25man is BH.
    My progress is 11/12 normal.
    I totally disagree with your builds from a 10man standpoint, but i think 25man raiders might agree with me.
    I will still use the standard 8/2/31 build. http://www.wowhead.com/talent#0hbhZMZMfzId0ruouo
    They redesingned Nature’s Bounty but it’s still not worthed imo. Their ideea, i presume, is once we have 3 rejuvs active, our nourish will act as a flash heal. Maby for a 25man its worthed, but i seriously doubt you use Nourish that much.
    It’s true that Efflo is not that good also, but under the current design, where we use “camps” on most fights, its an ok spell. So i think its worthed the 3 points.

    Overall for me, its a good patch, as in gives me buffs, without making me change my healing style at all.

    • Lissanna says:

      I still like getting 2 points in Nature’s Bounty at least for the crit bonus for regrowth. My talent build doesn’t actually max it out, since I need Nature’s Cure. I don’t have Nature’s Swiftness anymore. But, I have to be able to either tank or raid heal in both 10’s & 25’s, so I don’t get to actually specialize in any one thing (and my second build has to be moonkin…).

  3. Boinks says:

    OMG.. now that patch is live I can confirm my suspicions.. Wild Growth is now GOD.. that is all..

    • Lissanna says:

      All hail wild growth?

      I got the spirit trinket from exalted with the Baradin Hold faction, to help me Rejuv/WG spam better, lol.

  4. Kuhbus says:

    i tried the “new” natures bounty spec without seed/efflo in 25man raid … and i hate it….

  5. Entwifey says:

    Thanks for the updates! Your healing guides are great, and I point budding trees to your guides regularly. I had a question I hope someone can help me with. I’m seeing in your guides that int now increases combat mana regen through our talents. Which talent does that? Thanks!

    • Lissanna says:

      The revitalize talent, along with the replenishment buff, is based off your max mana – which increased by INT and not by Spirit.

  6. Amtractor says:

    Hello again. People finally started to realize that resto druid healing is different from 10 to 25man.
    I really think you should point out this differences.
    It is mostly about the mastery vs. haste debate. But I think there is also a talent point issue that should be looked into.

    Form 10man PoV, I do believe that mastery is better after you reach the +1 rejuv tick cap (~950). Getting the 1220 cap for the extra LB tick is debatable, since its quite hard not to clip the hot.

    The “infamous” 2004 WG cap might be an overkill for alot of people, since our tier set kinda sucks when it comes to haste. But, as an alchemist and archaeologist, I have (in my opinion) BiS trinkets, Alchemy Stone and Tyrande’s Doll. Today I even passed Fall of Mortality for that reason.

    To continue the debate on our Tier, I honesty think that our 4pc bonus is worthed alot. Even as a “mastery stacker” there are way better off-pieces, but with that spirit bonus you could really go in a 10/0/31 spec, hell even take 1 point out of moonglow to max genesis.


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