Lissawen’s leveling by lolmanglespam

So, for research needed to keep my leveling guide updated, I’ve been leveling a new druid, who I named Lissawen. She’s a worgen on the same server as my main druid. However, this worgen druid is feral – mostly because I love the Worgen feral forms and I had feral heirlooms that I bought before Cataclysm hit.

This druid is also an herbalist/miner, and I’ve found that I get a ton of experience just from leveling those professions.

One observation I had from leveling from 1 to 29 was that: Multiple heirlooms + guild perks + rested XP = super fast leveling speeds

So, most of the way from 12 to 28 I just spammed a lot of mangle. I tried out other “rotations”, but since I was usually 3 or so levels above everything I was fighting (because I leveled faster than I progressed through quests), most things were dieing in 2 or 3 hits anyway. When I actually fight equal level mobs, I find that opening from stealth & using Ravage ends up being more effective. So, the rotation section of my leveling guide doesn’t seem very useful at the earliest levels.

However, at higher levels  (maybe around the time you hit Outlands), I’m pretty sure doing more than mangle spam is useful. A more complete rotation is probably also more helpful if you don’t have heirlooms.

As I level up my new druid, I’ll be posting more about my adventures in feral cat leveling!

I really do enjoy the new questing zones! I’m having so much fun!

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17 comments on “Lissawen’s leveling by lolmanglespam
  1. Tympanic says:

    Hah! My lowbie Worgen Druid is balance/resto. He’s 52 now, and has been leveling solely in 5-mans since about level 30. Still sticking with cat/bear on my main, though.

  2. I closed my 6-year old account and am starting over, once again, with a Night Elf druid. But balance/resto this time, and I’ve been having a blast! I’m looking forward to reading your adventures.

  3. Sunkist says:

    Hey I’ve also been leveling a new toon from 1-85 and have found that random dungeons are an excellent source of experience. The first time through almost ever vanilla dungeon there will be a crew of quest givers which give a very nice xp boost at the end of the run. From the 20-40 range I would gather about 1/2 a level per run. Now that I’m in Northrend material that amount is cut to around 1/4-1/3 but it’s still decent xp if the run is quick. The handy part about being feral is that you can just go bear and hit lots of things as opposed to going cat in solo and now suddenly you’re a tank!

  4. Lissanna says:

    I’m not leveling by instances because I wanted to see the new 1 to 60 quest zones.

  5. Geros (VeCo) says:

    As a Horde4Lifer, I finally got around to checking out the worgen starting zone the other day. It’s certainly some enjoyable story telling, even if it was hard for me lobbing my frost bolts at Lady Sylvanas. Rolling Tauren for any class I can on my home server, I felt right at home in a shaggy coat of fur. It’s tempting to take him beyond lvl 12, but I’d miss my harem of alts to provide “profession”al services and sacks of gold at higher levels.

  6. Alahnna says:

    Same here! Buy I did do the level 20 class quest because I wanted that blooming staff!!

  7. Alahnna says:

    Ugh! I so dislike the iPod’s autocorrect… I’m pretty sure I typed “But,” not “Buy.”

  8. Matojo says:

    That parachute screenshot is the best ever, hahaha.

    Leveling right now IS pretty fun, especially with all the zone changes. So much shiny stuff to poke at!

  9. Guntitan says:

    My feral worgen Druid is level 55. Oncebitten on Dalvengyr. He is decked out in heirlooms with them enchanted. Which btw you don’t have a section for heirlooms.

    I’ve been following your leveling guide. The thing about the rotation is that you can spam pretty much anything and kill stuff.

    At level 54 Rip is powerful but sometimes the mobs die before I can use it. You can take on 2 or more mobs. Get up to 4-5 combos points use Rip and then DPS the next mob while the other dies.

    The 5 mans are the same as before but you are missing out on good gear. Like the Relic from the quest chain in Stratholme. So you might have do a few. There is a also a quest from the Druid trainer in Moonglade that gives you a blue helm. You end up going into Blackrock Caverns.

    • Lissanna says:

      I did a blog post about heirlooms, but it was back before Cataclysm launched. I removed the gearing advice from the guide when the new set of gear came out for Cata.

  10. Terenaar says:

    I started a new druid and got him to level 25. Heirlooms plus instancing makes the levels fly by too fast. I’d say you’re right to avoid instances if you’re wearing heirlooms.

    Feral instancing before 25 is also quite a pain. Bears have a hard time grabbing multiple targets, and mobs die too fast for cats to perform properly. The only thing holding us up here is the heirlooms. At 25, we get damage boosters and the Maul glyph to make life much easier (although still lacking compared to other classes).

    Also, I think getting Fury Swipes before Primal Fury is better if you’re mainly going it the kitty way. Extra combo points is cool on boss mobs but often wasted on trash, especially during questing.

    For real newcomers, you might want to add in the rotations section that you should cast Wrath first then Moonfire, to take advantage of the flight time. Also, even without heirlooms, I don’t think you’ll ever get to 4 combo points while questing. Ferocious bite is really lacking at 3 or less combo points, it’s actually a waste of energy to use while questing, unless you’re over 25 and have the glyph.

  11. Guntitan says:

    Lissanna, I think you should put in a heirloom guide. I would love it if you did. That way every thing would be in one place and new Druids but veteran wow players wouldn’t have to do gooogle searches. Heirlooms w/ appropriate enchants. If you need help let me know. I have the site I used book marked.

  12. Guntitan says:

    Lissanna, I think you should put in a heirloom guide. I would love it if you did. That way every thing would be in one place and new Druids but veteran wow players wouldn’t have to do gooogle searches. Heirlooms w/ appropriate enchants. If you need help let me know.

  13. Guntitan says:

    See what happens when you post comments from your iPhone.

  14. Guntitan says:

    Here are the websites I ended up using. As you can see EpicAdvice doesn’t include the guild heirlooms.

  15. Guntitan says:

    You should mention in your leveling up guide that Druids save gold by not purchasing Expert Riding and Artisan Riding skills from Flight Form and Swift Flight Form. Worgen Druids even save more gold from not purchasing Apprentice Riding and Journeyman Riding skills. I think it should be mentioned for new Druids so they don’t waste gold. It’s about 5,365 G in savings for Worgen Druids including the riding skills and cost of mounts. For non-Worgen Druids it’s about 5,300 G in savings.


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