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Starfall still pulls extra stuff in-combat

Okay, so the winner of most confusing patch note ever goes to this one:

  • Starfall will no longer strike targets that are not in combat and will now drop stars at a slightly faster rate.

What the patch note should have said: “When you are out of comabat, starfall does nothing. In addition, it no longer ever hits test dummies. This note, however, is designed to trick you into wiping groups and looking NOOBish”.

How starfall works now:

  • When you are out of combat, it hits nothing. This prevents you from face-pulling while the tank is AFK and your cat jumps on your keyboard.
  • When you are in-combat, it hits everything around you, including those angry looking dudes that hadn’t noticed you before.  By that I mean, starfall will still aggro extra packs of mobs if you get too close. So, you still can’t be reckless in your use of starfall, or you will pull extra mobs & die.
  • Starfall will no longer hit training dummies. At all. So, training dummies become hard for measuring moonkin DPS.

I’m also still not sure what faster falling stars actually means. Overall, the only thing they did was break it so it won’t hit training dummies, and otherwise, you treat it the same as you did before the patch.

So, be careful!

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4.0.6 patch is soon – healing guide updated

So, with MMO-champion predicting the release of the 4.0.6 patch on Tuesday, I spent some time this weekend making updates to my Resto healing guide. I put up the new 406 version (draft 1) on my blog site today. It will work fine for the weekend leading up to the patch (or even if it gets delayed), since the changes aren’t really that huge.

Highlights of updated Resto guide version:

  • New talent page updated for 4.0.6, revamped to include the 3 template specs discussed a few weeks ago.
  • Clarifications and minor revisions to healing strategies. The lowered rejuv mana cost and increased WG healing (lowered cooldown on WG, too) makes rejuv/WG-style AOE healing easier to do again.
  • Mastery stat buffed such that in most cases, it will be equal to or better than haste (BUT stat choices are still role and gear-dependent such that a tool like Tree Calcs is going to be useful for helping you decide how to gear). For my gearing purposes for moonkin-resto hybrid gear, I’m still going to need to value haste above mastery due to mastery not being as good for moonkin and the amount of AOE healing I do in 25’s…
  • Other fixes and changes in each section of the guide.

Anyway, I wanted to get this done early. I’ll update the forum sticky post either on Monday or Tuesday. I like doing pre-views on my blog before I post the final version on the forums. I’ll  probably do some minor edits to the blog version over the course of the week once we see the final version of the patch (and whatever hot-fixes happen after the patch, lol).

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Playing with your food

Okay, so my guild worked really hard to do something we all hate: fishing. When we finally fished up 10,000 pools, we got the guild achievement and were rewarded with the new ultimate fish feast: Seafood Magnifique feast! I was super excited when we ding’d this achievement, since it meant we could start using feasts (instead of individual foods) for our 25-man raids.  It was also really awesome to see the whole guild come together to try and accomplish this goal.

Excited to try out our new food, I whipped some up and took it on our 5-man heroic run for fun. However, I was disappointed somewhat with the graphic.

Yes, we worked so hard, day and night, fishing up tons of fish to learn how to put water and a live lobster (or crab)  in a pot! Thanks Blizzard! Now, I suppose the magic is how we get more stamina and stats from a mostly empty pot of water compared to the super awesome goblin BBQ. I’m also not sure I enjoy having my food look at me while I eat it. It is kinda cool in it’s own way, but just not what I was expecting.

This message was brought to you by the number 10,000 and the letter QQ.

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