Playing with your food

Okay, so my guild worked really hard to do something we all hate: fishing. When we finally fished up 10,000 pools, we got the guild achievement and were rewarded with the new ultimate fish feast: Seafood Magnifique feast! I was super excited when we ding’d this achievement, since it meant we could start using feasts (instead of individual foods) for our 25-man raids.  It was also really awesome to see the whole guild come together to try and accomplish this goal.

Excited to try out our new food, I whipped some up and took it on our 5-man heroic run for fun. However, I was disappointed somewhat with the graphic.

Yes, we worked so hard, day and night, fishing up tons of fish to learn how to put water and a live lobster (or crab)  in a pot! Thanks Blizzard! Now, I suppose the magic is how we get more stamina and stats from a mostly empty pot of water compared to the super awesome goblin BBQ. I’m also not sure I enjoy having my food look at me while I eat it. It is kinda cool in it’s own way, but just not what I was expecting.

This message was brought to you by the number 10,000 and the letter QQ.

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13 comments on “Playing with your food
  1. malchome says:

    I just realized that it is Ghostcrawler stew, lol. The crab is the same model as GC’s forum icon. Somewhat appropriate for the love/hate relationship between GC and raiders/playerbase.

    • Lissanna says:

      It switches back and forth between crabs & lobsters, apparently (as I’ve been told by Asros on twitter). The first one we dropped in there was a lobster (you could tell by the longer tail). That one might actually be the crab.

  2. Anachan says:

    We’re at 5703, after the 90 I fished this morning before work . . . Of that total, at least 3200 were fished by me . . .

    I’m hoping that now we’re past the midway point and it’s downhill from here, it will go more quickly; people are starting to think about the end goal. And if more people in our 25-man raiding guild will get involved, we should be able to accomplish it in short order.

    I have to say, though, that if you had to pick a 5-man Heroic location in which to make up a fish feast, you sure picked the right one. 🙂

    • Lissanna says:

      Yeah, a lot more people got involved in the fishing once we got closer to the end of it (with the last thousand fish being picked up in 24 hours by a bunch of different fishers).

    • CharredMage says:

      It really is a group effort and takes some dedication by that group. By the time we hit 10,000 I have actually started to LIKE fishing. 🙂

  3. Zie says:


    we only have 3527 right now lol.

  4. Jal says:

    My guild will never get this, but I’ve got to say, I’m glad I kept reading.

    “This message was brought to you by the number 10,000 and the letter QQ.”

    That’s classic. ;^)

  5. Kuhbus says:

    “This message was brought to you by the number 10,000 and the letter QQ.”


  6. Wysp says:

    We are casually working toward this.

    With 5 toons fishing in various pools for one hour, we averaged about 275 fish/hr.

  7. Treezo says:

    I heard if you put yourself in a group/raid the for each fish caught it’s multiplied by the number of ppl in your group. This is how you get 50k critter kills in the tram in IF.

    • Wysp says:

      I believe they hotfixed this, as I can confirm that as of this weekend, we did not get multiple counts for fish caught in either a party or a raid groups. Boo!

  8. Mainframe says:

    Haha grats on the guild achievement. We’re also after that (we’re halfway there with around 5500 pools fished). Great inspiration to get the final half – thanks. 😀

  9. Lufitoom says:

    I wish we could get the achieve. The sad thing is, as we fish we seem to get distracted by the dastardly Horde. Not that they always attack us, it’s our lust for their blood. Congrats on that. Love the screenshot.


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