saving yawning’s feral cat guide

So, there was apparently some excitement on the WoW forums today. Yawning decided to call it quits. However, his goodbye post managed to get him banned, and along with that came the deleting of all his posts and all the content from his feral DPS guide stickied on the forums.

While I know I don’t have a lot of feral readers, I wanted to put a link to a version of his cat DPS guide for people to find until we can either get a new feral cat guide writer on the forums or something happens to fix the situation.

You can now find Yawning’s Feral DPS guide at this google docs link here. Someone else put the guide there, but I wanted to link to it so we can make sure that it’s available for people.

Good bye Yawning, best of luck with whatever adventures are in store for you now that Blizzard has freed up all your time by banning you from the forums. If you ever come back to WoW and want to express yourself, you are welcome to contact me and I’ll post here (or elsewhere) for you.

To the blizzard forum mod squad: You guys really need to find a way to moderate without deleting important stickied information sources.

UPDATE: Maybelle from Stormrage has taken up the responsibility of maintaining the cat druid forum guide

Update 2: You can find Yawning’s goodbye post here.

Update 3: In a twist of fate, it looks like Tangedyn may be taking over the cat guide instead. Glad to see so many people supporting the kitties!

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34 comments on “saving yawning’s feral cat guide
  1. malchome says:

    Actually the community should just not support Blizzard’s official forums with free guides until they get their policy under control. Several free blogging vendors and wiki sites that are great for that sort of thing.

    • Lissanna says:

      This type of thing happens every few years. Yawning was leaving anyway in this case, so I’m not going to start some type of protest. These issues are one of the multiple reasons why I host my guides on a blog format in the first place. 😉

  2. Merdrah says:

    Blizz needs to be harsher on actually violators instead of wiping whole threads. Yes, it’s over-powering just how many posts their are. But once you start picking away and lock out the bad posters instead of giving them so many chances you’ll scare more people off. Better long term results.

    Having been in a corporate environment before I’m getting the feeling that they need to remove some people from their middle management.

  3. Nurowyn says:

    Looks like they put the guide back up but un-stickied and locked it. Amounts to the same thing as deleting it, as it’ll get buried right away…

    • Lissanna says:

      Technically, if he was leaving, his guide would have to be taken over by another player, anyway. However, the un-stickied version doesn’t have the guide’s content posts in it.

  4. Yawning says:

    Thanks Lissanna. One of the biggest things I will miss is the Druid community.

    For a bit of clarity, the document hosted on being passed around is my working copy by the way. I switched from using a text file on my desktop to hosting it on google docs so that I could get some people to help review it when I rewrote it to be level 85 centric. As it stands right now only myself and one of my proof readers have write access to it as well.

    I’m more upset that this ended up being such a major inconvenience for the people who have used and still use the guide as a resource than anything else. If I had known this would happen, I would have used a different avenue for my bye post.

    If people have reasons to contact me, I’m easily reachable through the druid wiki, my EJ account, or via e-mail. (The address is in the About dialog that ships with Mew. 😉

    • Lissanna says:

      Hey Yawning,
      It looks like we already have people starting to re-post your guide on the forums and possibly may have people who will take over that responsibility for you. So, the drama seems to at least be inspiring others in some way or another. 🙂

      *HUGS* We’ll miss you, too.

  5. Tangolino says:

    Does anyone know where I can read his goodbye post? Tried to find it without success.

    • Lissanna says:

      No idea, but if Yawning wants a place to host it, I’d be happy to. 😉

    • Vaeil says:

      Thanks for the link, Lissanna – Us over on the EU side are absolutely shocked by all of this.

      • Lissanna says:

        Honestly, I think it’s sad that I’m used to this kind of thing happening now, lol.

      • Tangolino says:

        He was banned for that? Wow, a bit too extreme…

      • Keeva says:

        So.. “I’m not enjoying the game much anymore, going to leave, bye all” gets you banned?

        Or am I missing something? o_O

        • Yawning says:


          I appreciate all the support, and I’m happy that the druid community is handling this in an appropriate manner. Also important to me is that someone has graciously taken over the task of keeping the sticky up to date, and that it will serve the community as a useful resource in the times to come (Some of it probably will need rephrasing since it’s written in first person. Like why the guide does not provide stat weights at all.).

          @Vaeil: Hihi, sorry I couldn’t interact with the European Druid community as much as I would have liked. From the limited interaction that I have had (via third party forums or when I would browse the EU forums), it is definitely something that I now wish that I would have done more of.

          • Vaeil says:

            It’s no problem honey,

            There were some pretty damned good druids picking up the slack (Sowwy…) – And we’ve had a great little community over there. Sadly, the actually good ferals on the EU have decided to pretty much stop playing the spec or the game, because it offers absolutely nothing to us anymore. And the EU is an even worse place for feedback.

            Really, if you think you’ve been talking to a brick wall, we’ve pretty much been shouting at the wall from a few kilometres away. It’d been lovely if you could interact with us, but the bloody forums are split – and EU feedback was pretty useless in the first place because nobody’d ever listen.

            Shame to see you go, I’m right behind you on that one. I’ve personally stopped really updating whatever writings I had about feral druids, and I’m only answering questions as long as my subscription holds.

  6. Keeva says:

    They sometimes delete entire threads based on *other* people’s posts in the threads – so any guide/sticky writer needs to have a backup.

    I’ve seen entire (useful) threads disappear because people have come in and started trolling, and rather than clean up the mess, the mods just wipe the entire thing.

  7. Cold says:

    Can we get any details on exactly how he felt about the recent changes and the reasons he gave?

    Anyone have a cached link to his farewell post or a blog post or something?

  8. Cold says:

    Found it. Still think you should link to his farewell post at and write what you think about the very mature and completely reasonable post that …apparently got him banned?? Nuts.

    Oh, and you do too have feral readers. It’s that old druids gotta stick together old thing from way back when. I miss it.

  9. Zane says:

    You have some feral readers! I have been resto my whole career but have just this past few months started getting more interested in feral, outside of leveling that is. By the way, big fan of the blog.

    85 NE Druid
    Alterac Mountains — stop by some time!

  10. Jaymzhendo says:

    I’ve said it countless times on public and guild forums. Yawning (and by extension those before you), you have made my life as a mainspec kitty druid far simpler by cutting out alot of the headache of crunching and calculating numbers. There truly is no amount of thanks that words can express. I wish you well in all future endeavors, be they gaming or real life.

    Forever grateful,


  11. Phen says:

    Yawning, it’s sad to see you go. Always enjoyed your guide, your posts over at EJ and in the US forums and your work on Mew. As german players can not post in the US forum this may be a good place to thank you – and others, Lissanna for example – for all the great efforts.

    Its a shame that a lot of good posts of you are lost, e.g. your concerns regarding feral PvE.

  12. Cold says:

    I never knew Yawning since I stopped playing or pve’ing around when ICC was serious business, but Tangedyn is one serious PIMP that’s gonna drop some knowledge bombs and lay the smack down on that there theorycrafting. Just sayin’.

    In other news I really wish people would just quit posting and maintaining guides that only one person can edit. That guide should be on Wowpedia and be a community project. Instead of one dude at EJ and two at MMO-Champion (pvp/pve) and another two on the official forums and a pvp guide at AJ and whatnot. Same reason why blogs shouldn’t host guides. But people like to tinker and have their name out there and it’s easy to forum/blog and hard to wiki.


    • Lissanna says:

      I tend to make edits based on feedback and talk to other people while making guides. I’m not really even sure how to make a wiki class guide.

    • Treeboi says:

      Do you realize how much of a headache it is to maintain a wiki page? It’s like waking up in the morning and finding out a coworker screwed up the production servers, and you get the fun (not!) task of fixing them. And this crap happens each and every morning, only with a different coworker screwing you over. That’s what maintaining a wiki page is like.

      • Cold says: begs to differ. Random internet people are stupid, yes – but random feral theorycrafters and wiki editors are not. The vast majority of wowpedia articles are never vandalized.

        Option A: We all work on our own or via emails to one or two other people or a few forum threads on EJ or whatever, then each publish separately with no peer review in format of our choice.

        Option B: We pool resources and avoid duplicating work that’s already been done.

        But I suppose teamwork might be too much to ask. Your call.

        • Lissanna says:

          I’m not sure that the resto druid community ever really adopted the wowwiki/wowpedia stuff. I know at one point someone copied my leveling guide into the wiki a few years back, but I never paid much attention to it. All the different formats have benefits & drawbacks.

        • Treeboi says:

          The link you posted is at least a year out of date, making vast portions of it incorrect, which tells me that nobody noticed when its maintainer decided to quit the game.

          If that wiki page is an example of teamwork, it’s not a very good example.

          If your complaint is that other druids (but not you) should take up the ball, and fix up the page, well that’s just hypocritical. That’s like telling your kids, do what I say, not what I do.

          Now if your complaint is that you are the lone druid writing for wowpedia, well then your problem is really a problem of recruitment, and I have to be frank, that was a really bad recruitment pitch.

          In fact, I would make the opposite recruitment pitch to Lissanna. I would tell her to never, ever write an article on any website that is not her own.

          You give up control, you give up all rights to your work, you are forced to learn a whole new method of publishing, if the people who control the domain decide to pull the plug and move (like how wowwiki moved to wowpedia), there’s nothing you can do about it, and you are anonymous to boot, losing all the recognition you currently receive. How is that better than having a successful blog of your very own, especially one you are already familiar with?

          • Lissanna says:

            heh. my guides sometimes showed up on wowwiki even if I didn’t post them there. lol.

            All the different guide writing methods have pluses & minuses. I prefer forum & blog guide writing ’cause it’s easy for me. 🙂

  13. aramis says:

    I swear…. I take a break from WoW for ONE day (had to for work…Bahrain is a little eventful, in case ya haven’t heard) and stuff like this happens.

    Well it’s official, I’ve respec’d my offspec to Boomkin. I’m done with feral. And then I see things like this happen…even the Blues had to get involved.

    Someone at Blizz is not having a good day, I assure you that.


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