Starfall still pulls extra stuff in-combat

Okay, so the winner of most confusing patch note ever goes to this one:

  • Starfall will no longer strike targets that are not in combat and will now drop stars at a slightly faster rate.

What the patch note should have said: “When you are out of comabat, starfall does nothing. In addition, it no longer ever hits test dummies. This note, however, is designed to trick you into wiping groups and looking NOOBish”.

How starfall works now:

  • When you are out of combat, it hits nothing. This prevents you from face-pulling while the tank is AFK and your cat jumps on your keyboard.
  • When you are in-combat, it hits everything around you, including those angry looking dudes that hadn’t noticed you before.  By that I mean, starfall will still aggro extra packs of mobs if you get too close. So, you still can’t be reckless in your use of starfall, or you will pull extra mobs & die.
  • Starfall will no longer hit training dummies. At all. So, training dummies become hard for measuring moonkin DPS.

I’m also still not sure what faster falling stars actually means. Overall, the only thing they did was break it so it won’t hit training dummies, and otherwise, you treat it the same as you did before the patch.

So, be careful!

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6 comments on “Starfall still pulls extra stuff in-combat
  1. Samich says:

    I got a chance to use starfall in raids today. I can confirm that stars do fall A LOT faster. At least visually.

  2. Andreas says:

    Faster stars apperently ment twice as many and fast.
    It used to dropp 20 stars over 10 sec, but only if 2 or more targets were available. Now it dropps 20 stars on a signle target and 40 if two or more are around for the duration.

    In addition the part about not aggoing extra groups have beens working for me so far tonight. But I would be quite opeen to the possibility that that is buggy……

  3. Iphigenia says:

    The no combat thing worked properly for me last night in Stonecore. Starfall only hit the group we were fighting. It didn’t aggro the nearby group, which was definitely within 40 yards. Like Andreas said, it’s probably buggy, but it does work sometimes. Obviously, you can’t make good use of an ability that only functions sometimes, but it seems like they’re making progress with it, maybe.

  4. Hilbrau says:

    I used Starfall on CD in BWL on Tuesday and in SFK on Wednesday and did not pull nearby mobs. Stars fell faster and overall damage on 1-2 mobs was much greater.

  5. Maven says:

    I did a grim batol run. I starfalled the entire time.

    We had 2 pulls when the group already had aggro and somehow something else pulled that we couldn’t figure out – and it was a guild run. So we assumed it was starfall. But we had many other pulls that worked fine.

    I would call it glitchy atm. Which is no real improvement, but its effort i guess.

  6. Kaleesh says:

    Wow…. That’s… Wow.

    I mean, yeah, I’m happy I can still farm with it, but… This is probably the most botched thing I’ve seen in a while. GJ Blizz, break our 31pt talent.


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