Trees can dance if you want to…

So, 4.0.6 had two incredibly awesome buffs that aren’t really documented anywhere.

First, when I got bored in an instance, I shifted into tree and hit /dance. To my surprise, it actually DANCED!

Tree form also has an “idle” animation (ie. what tree does while you are not casting):

Also, after weeks of flight training, I’m also happy to report that my baby moonkin pet has taken to the air!

That said, I’m not sure what other animations tree form has or what other goodies may have shown up in 4.0.6.

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16 comments on “Trees can dance if you want to…
  1. Tzufit says:

    In addition to the /dance, I’ve found a /cry, a real sit, a /sleep, and a /laugh. There might be a few more that I haven’t thought to test yet.

  2. KoleBigEars says:

    I still hate those ugly trees (dead broccoli for life!!) but the baby moonkin learning to fly has MADE MY DAY!!

  3. Jal says:

    YouTube the dance! ;^) Is it really to Safety Dance somehow? That’d be freakish.

  4. Kaleesh says:

    Okay, you’ve confirmed it. I MUST get the moonkin pet.

    It would be cool if the animations carried over to old tree form, but I very highly doubt it.

    • Lissanna says:

      well, in some cases, the new tree form animations are very similar to the old tree form animations.

      I really like the moonkin pet. 🙂

  5. Relissa says:

    The one thing that bothers me:

    First, they take away perma-Tree so that we could show off druid armor (among other reasons).

    Now they’ve added animations to allow us to show off new-Tree?

  6. Huga says:

    I think the question to ask is – you don’t use Glyph of the Treant?

  7. Zy says:

    Tauren/Night Elf/dead broccoli for life! 😉 Altho I sure would love the blue/white coloring of the new treants in Winterspring. Those are purdy.

  8. Octahedron says:

    I didn’t know they couldn’t fly with your mount/form, the one I got must of been trained by one of you guys cause it flew right out of the box. :O

  9. Matojo says:

    O-oh my goodness flying baby boomkin WANT. O_O

  10. Lufitoom says:

    I thought I was the only one that has taken my mini-me on flying adventures!


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