Monthly Archives: March 2011

A look at all the resto 4.1 changes

Since the patch for 4.1 has now been on the PTR for a month, that means it is possible it could go live at any time from this point. With their goal of having more “frequent” patches, this also means we need shorter PTR cycles. I’m going to start preparing now for the 4.1 patch, […]

Replacing Living Seed: Talents in 4.1

So, the 4.1 patch actually has some important changes that  may influence how you choose your restoration talents. Regardless of your role or size of raid, you will want the new version of Efflorescence in your talent spec – so, in some cases, the variability in talent specs may converge somewhat (with people wanting to […]

A couple of podcast updates

Hey guys, I wanted to highlight a couple of podcasts. First, for fans of Keeva at Tree Bark Jacket, we have a special Team Waffle Podcast “waffle bite” where you can listen to me interview Keeva! While the previous Waffle Bite episodes have been feral-related, this one is packed full of Resto Druid goodness! I […]

Caster druid loot in 4.1

So, it looks like the ZA & ZG new 5-man instances coming in 4.1 have a lot of goodies in store for us (that is, if we can convince those pieces of gear to actually drop!). The epics are all ilevel 353. Most important,  there are a set of bracers! Somewhat disappointingly, all the leather […]