Happy 4.1 patch day!

Okay, so I spent this morning working on getting my healing guide ready for patch day.

The 4.1  updated healing guide can be found here.

Information on talent specs in 4.1:

Major Changes in 4.1:

  • Living seed was unlinked from Efflorsescence, allowing you to move those 3 points wherever you want.
  • Tranquility’s cooldown was reduced through Malfurion’s Gift (so, Tranquility has a 3 min cooldown after talents).
  • Efflorescence’s healing effect got changed so that now it’s a smart heal that scales with haste. It will target the lowest 3 players and heal them for a decent sized chunk of health. This is a much better design and should heal for more overall than the old version. The change to efflorescence is a BUFF, and you should now pick up this talent for ANY resto druid spec.
  • I wrote a more complete set of changes in a previous post you can read here.
  • Rank 4 HT’s blog has another list of resto changes here.

I hope you have a good patch day!

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11 comments on “Happy 4.1 patch day!
  1. Octahedron says:

    The day is finally here :3

  2. Lument says:

    w00t! So excited to play these changes!!

  3. Benarus says:

    Agreed, the changes are amazing. With good usage, I was able to bring effloresence to 12% of my overall healing in BH (no hardmodes on patch day while addons get fixed). Plus the change to Nature’s Swiftness finally makes it worth taking.

    Now I just have to get out of the habit of popping barkskin with tranquility…

  4. Arybeth says:

    Any of you noticed WG and Efflorescence a bit too powerful?

    We did (reg) magmaw, 2 bugged omnotron attempts and BH last night before calling due to ‘too many instances’ ‘feature’ from 1/3 of the raid. We didn’t have enough healers, so asked a moonkin (not exactly the most talented players of the pool, nor the most geared) to go on his not much used resto spec to heal.

    He outhealed all healers on the raid, which included 2 resto shamans, a holy priest and a holy paladin. When I inspected the spells he was using, it was almost always 45% healing done by wild growth, 25% efflorescence + swiftmend, near 0% lifebloom and the rest rejuv. WG + efflorescence alone was around the same troughput as the lowest throughput healer, which was the holy paladin.

    I’m not complaining druids are OP or asking for nerfs, and I do know that meters arent worth jack as measure of quality, but that felt just… wrong.

    • Lissanna says:

      Bouridon ran the 10-man with my guild last night. Magmaw seems to really make Efflorescence look powerful if people are using a stack-up strategy (due to a lot of splash damage and people staying still for long periods of time). In the other fights they tried, Efflorescence did a lot less of Bouridon’s total healing compared to Magmaw.

      IN ADDITION, meters like Recount & Skada MAY be behaving in a bugged manner due to the changes in 4.1 that broke the addons, so I would wait to make judgments until we’ve seen a lot of different guilds killing a lot of different bosses.

      Sometimes, people healing with strange spell uses can look good in some fights but not actually be doing a useful job in others.

      • Thursdaylast says:

        We cleared everything but Nef last night on regular. My Eff is up to 12.5% from, well, a lot lower. My LB is down signifigantly, not only because of the 20% hit it took, but also I think from just not letting it bloom so much. When I did, I was very cognizant of the missing 20%. That being said, and taking into account that I’m pretty sure that at least as of of last night’s most recent version of reount and skada, my total HPS is down a bit. As a raid of everything but Nef, I’m used to seeing 11-13K HPS. I saw 9.5 last night. Some of that was instance and UI issues, but not as much as all that I think. I had dropped living seed in its entierty and got BotG and also dumped Furor, since I don’t really have mana issues, and picked up 2 points in Genesis. I’m thinking that if living seed may be worth more than I had thought.

  5. Geros (VeCo) says:

    I’m having some weird lag issues, and I’m not sure if its just extra server stress from the patch or some side effect of the changes to default network settings. I actually got vote kicked from a guild ZG run after a couple wipes on the last boss, so maybe I’m just a bit frustrated, but I definitely wasn’t healing as well because of the lag.
    The most annoying thing that’s been happening is hot’s going on the last person I had targeted. Someone takes a hit, I target them, rejuve, swiftmend… only to watch them splat cause the swiftmend didn’t go off because the rejuve landed on the previous target. It’s even worse when trying to refresh lifebloom removes the stacks from the tank without a bloom to put a single stack on the last player I targeted. My fingers aren’t any faster than Monday, but it’s consistently been a problem since Tuesday.
    The other thing is nature’s swiftness macro related, but maybe it always behaved this way, and I’m just noticing it more since I actually get to use it in ZA/ZG. When I hit the macro as the global cooldown is finishing it queues the healing touch without triggering nature’s swiftness, and there I am casting a 2.2 sec heal on someone about to die.
    Anywho, thanks for providing a place to vent after the first kick I feel like I deserved, feel better.

    • Geros (VeCo) says:

      Heh, and of course, when I say guild run I mean the other 4 people were guilded, just not my guild :p I wasn’t playing so poorly as to get the boot from my buddies. That would be too depressing to mention.

    • Thursdaylast says:

      I noticed some lag isees when we cleared BWD and BoT on Wed actually. I noticed my hots landing just a little slower. I use VuhDO, and at that point it wasn’t updated, and I think that was the issue. Soince the update everything is landing as it should. If you’re using a raid UI mod might wanna see if its the latest? The other issue I’ve read about on the forums is that if anyone in your group is/was using an out-of-date recount, lag sets in hard.

  6. Shaloxeroligon says:

    Hey, are you going to be updating the rest of your healing guide with 4.1 anytime soon? I want to know if I’m still using the right enchants to maximize my healing ability.

    • Lissanna says:

      I don’t think they introduced new gems or enchants in 4.1 so I won’t likely be editing that section for 4.1 at all.


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