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Not dead yet & blogging opportunity!

I’m still here! I was out of town last week for a conference and didn’t end up having any time to write while I was gone. When I got back, I was going to write a blog post, but I couldn’t find anything pressing that I needed to write about and I was overwhelmed with playing catch-up with my research after being away from the lab for a while. The patch 4.1 info has slowed down overall (though I’m hoping for patch day “soon”!), and the more recent blue posts haven’t really been related to resto & moonkin druids all that much. I’m also incredibly overwhelmed by school work, and so the idea of writing blog posts is not necessarily always the type of thing I can prioritize some weeks.

I did want to let you  know that I am still alive, and that I made it back okay from my trip. Since the next couple months are going to be very, very hectic for me, I wanted to make a special announcement:

Restokin is recruiting for druid writers! I have a lot of interested people contacting me about guest writing, so I need some time to sort out e-mail replies.

2 types of opportunities:

  1. I am now looking for guest writers who want to get their feet wet in the blogging world (or for experienced bloggers that want to give me a hand in keeping this blog going). This could be potentially helpful for weeks when I am out of town traveling and such this summer. For guest writing spots, you don’t necessarily have to be very experienced, as I am open to posts written by new players who want to talk about their leveling experiences.
  2. I am also potentially looking for a more permanent part-time writer that could potentially write posts a couple times a month to help supplement my normal posting, and to bring another viewpoint into the mix. It would help if you had either a resto druid, moonkin druid, or knowledge/experience with both specs.

I want to assure you that I’m not leaving, I’m just looking for more collaborative ways to make this blog an even better resource (as the quality and quantity of my posting has declined the last few months as my PhD work has been eating more of my time).

I wanted to note that these are volunteer (unpaid) writing positions, as I don’t make money from this blog, and I’m on a graduate school budget (ie. poor, lol).

Also, while we didn’t record a podcast episode last week, we are planning to have one up for next week.

If you are interested in contributing to Restokin in the future, please e-mail me. Requests are now closed. Please let me process the MANY requests that have already come in. I’ll open this opportunity back up again in the future if needed.

Update: I’ve been getting some requests from people (yay!). Please give me some time to look through all the requests. I’m trying to figure out how to let everyone post something, but I have to organize it all first (since I didn’t think this part through in advance). At this point, I have reached 8 or 9 interested guest writers (thanks everyone), so I’m closing this down for now.

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