Resource spotlight: Moonkin Repository’s recruitment forum

So, I do a lot of recruiting for my guild. I am also a moderator at The Moonkin Repository. Thus, I have been paying special attention to the recruitment forum on TMR.

In the last few months, I have seen a lot more guilds posting on TMR’s recruitment forum. The posts in TMR’s recruitment forum are usually posted guilds recruiting for raiding moonkin (with some resto openings). However, I don’t think that many moonkin/resto druids realize this resource is available. The forum has guilds from mostly US servers, but there have been some EU guilds using that forum, as well. There is a pretty good variety of playstyles & time zones listed in the various recruitment threads (with some guilds on normals and others on hard modes).

So, if you are a moonkin/resto druid looking for a new home, or if you are a guild looking for moonkin, then I suggest checking out the Moonkin Respository’s recruitment forum. It may help you find a good fit without having to wade through the sea of recruitment posts on the official WoW forums.

Also, if you are a moonkin, the Moonkin Repository is a great resource in general for learning about things like how to PvE or PvP effectively and how to gear your moonkin. The posters there are generally helpful and friendly while answering questions (and if they are not friendly or helpful, I get to ban hammer them. /evil laugh ). Feel free to make a new account there and get started by introducing yourself on the “member profiles” forum! It is a great way to talk to other moonkin and generally have a good time!

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5 comments on “Resource spotlight: Moonkin Repository’s recruitment forum
  1. Saniel says:

    Somewhat off-topic, but I remember discussion a while ago about a potential Feral Repository sister site. Did anything come of that?

  2. Lument says:

    Never knew about The Moonkin Repository–how did I miss this?! Thanks!

  3. Aralosseien says:

    Thanks Lissanna! I had a quick browse through the DPS section after posting my profile yesterday, and even in that short time realised I was wasting 2 points on Dreamstate (I never need to innervate myself anymore) because I hadn’t looked at my talent build since my post-expansion respec… /ashamed
    I’m sure I’ll find even more reasons I’ve been a noobcake when I can have a proper browse!

  4. Purgetheweak says:

    Thank you so much for this,Liss!

    See you when you log-on.


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