Yearly Archives: 2012

Managing your gaming time with school responsibilities

Wow Insider recently had an article in their “drama mamas” series about a college student who was having a difficult time with balancing his gaming and college studies.  The article does a nice job of talking about the importance of learning self-discipline and time-management skills. Their most important advice is to make sure that you […]

Video game research!

Our crowdfunding for science campaign has now ended! Thank you everyone! There was a great TED talk in November about the importance of making better educational video games. Video game researcher, Daphne Bavelier, from the University of Geneva, talked about research on how playing video games can change cognitive abilities and brain development (for the […]

Last week of crowdfunding for autism video game research

Hi everyone! We have now hit the last week of the crowdfunding campaign for my research lab’s autism video game intervention project (it ends on Friday, December 14th!). These last few weeks of sharing my autism intervention research with all of you has really been incredible! I have had so much support that I can’t […]

15 Minutes of Fame and some druid news

Hi everyone! I have a few things to cover today. First, I was featured on WOW Insider’s 15 minutes of fame blog series. You should read the article about my experiences with WOW, my real life research, and more! There are a couple of other things for druids I’d like to cover, as well, since […]