Monthly Archives: February 2012

Why two raid sizes are worse than one

When they made the announcements at Blizzcon, I was excited by all the various things that were going to get fixed in Mists of Pandaria: More activities you could do by yourself or in small groups (3-man instances, pet battles, 5-man challenge modes), along with huge class and talent changes. However, the information on raids […]

Symbiosis and the Dark Intent problem

So, when the new talent tree updates were released, we also got some new information about how Symbiosis will work. You can read about the mechanic details here, if you haven’t already. Lets take a look more specifically at the examples of abilities they gave us. Here are some examples of spells gained through Symbiosis. […]

Updates to MoP Talent calculator

So, it looks like we got a nice MoP talent calculator update for druids. For this post, I’m just going to go through a handful of the bigger changes. I’ll do more focused critiques for resto & moonkin over the next few weeks. The change list isn’t inclusive of all the changes. I’m just highlighting […]

Insect Swarm in MoP

Edit: My timing sucked & this changed in the new calculator update. I edited this post to reflect the new changes. Edits are in itallics and outdated info has a strikethrough so you can see the changes. So, we still have another month before we expect new Mists of Pandaria information. Today, I thought I […]