Garnaph’s view on 4.2 raid nerfs

Garnaph’s view on 4.2 raid nerfs

via Restokin by Garnaph on 9/19/11


There’s a lot of talk about this at the moment, and I feel I have something to add. As a middle-of-the-road raider (my guild just took down our first HC firelands boss), I feel, perhaps a little arrogantly, that I have the most balanced viewpoint on this kind of thing.

Your extreme hardcore raiders cry that content should remain hard, especially HC bosses, but let’s be honest, any guild that takes their progression THAT seriously, should have killed Rag HC by now, certainly after the recent nerf to him. As such, they’re likely to be farming all 7 on HC anyway – do the nerfs really effect them all that much?

On the other extreme, you have the super casual raiders, that have a handful of normal kills, and that think all raids are too damn hard. They want everything nerfed, they want their 5th alts to be given legendaries on a silver platter. I feel this viewpoint is equally wrong. Content should remain hard, to a degree. There must always be a divide between the good guilds, and the bad ones. If everyone can walk in and oneshot Rag HC, it’s no more impressive than walking into Karazhan right now at lvl 85.

In the middle somewhere, sits the majority of us. We like raiding, we enjoy the challenge, but some of the content seems far out of reach. “Too easy” is as little fun as “too hard”. My guild killed 12/12 T11, eventually, took down Halfus HC, then realised we were completely out of steam. Nef totally took it out of us, and we just didn’t have the energy for the brutal T11 HC progression grind. I get why Blizz nerfed T11 normals. Now everyone can go in there and see that content – new guilds are raiding that content, as a way to get geared, but also get some practice before hitting Firelands.

So the question remains, is HC content really supposed to be accessible in the same way T12 HC will be after these nerfs? And while I’m at it, why is it that T11 HC still won’t be nerfed, even after T12 HC has been? Are we saying it’s OK for T11 HC to be harder than T12 HC? That sounds… bizarre.

ICC had a 30% buff (which you can see as a 30% nerf), which still didn’t make HC bosses a pushover, so why is it that everyone is so up in arms about a 20% nerf to HC in Firelands? It’s not like the keyboard turners are going to get anything down anyway. I know I’m biased in saying this, as these nerfs will make the content available to my guild, but why shouldn’t we get our turn to take a look, knowing that other guilds beat us to it by a mile? It’s not like they’re completely declawing the content, just making it less brutal, so guilds who are just off being able to down content, will now be able to.

I believe the real issue is that when the dust settles, no one can tell the difference between those that killed Rag HC in the first month, and those that did 6 months after release (post nerf). I must admit, I kinda liked it in WOTLK when Blizzard removed the T7 meta-achievement mounts when Ulduar came out, even though I never obtained one of those mounts myself. The same applies to the original ZA Warbear. Those with the mounts could say “hey, we did this while it was still hard”. I got an Ulduar Rusted Proto back when it was hard, and seeing every moron flying around on one, knowing they probably did it at 85, just makes me sad.

If it was up to me, I’d say sure, let the content be nerfed. People are just going to outgear it someday anyway. When we’re all lvl 100 we’re just going to solo the stuff anyway… BUT… let there be a clear way to see who did it while it was still hard. Remove the mounts, titles, etc. as the nerfs hit. That’s all I ask. You should be able to see someone’s mount and title, and know what content they’re showing off about killing. Seeing a player with a Bane title, sitting on an Ironbound Proto, should be something you should look at in awe.

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