Repost: 4.2 – and then there were bracers

via Restokin by Lissanna on 5/30/11


So, one of the biggest frustrations for gearing up druids in our guild is how hard it has been to come by bracers. I finally got mine of Chimaeron a couple weeks ago, but some of our other druids haven’t been so lucky.

According to a recent post on mmo-champion, Blizzard seems to be fixing some gearing problems in 4.2 by making the non-set pieces from the Valor points fill these hard-to-fill slots, including bracers!

The 4.2 valor point bracers have spirit & crit on them. While not the best stat combo, it’s better than some 333 to 346 blues that I’m sure some of you are still wearing! These bracers are also BOE (meaning you could sell them on the AH or mail them from a main to an alt). I’m hoping this ends the Great Druid Hunt for bracers that has been ongoing since some time in WotLK.

If I’m going to spend badges on chest pieces, pants, or gloves – I’m going to spend them on set pieces. What you really want badge pieces to do is to fill non-set pieces for hard-to-gear slots. Hopefully, the 4.2 tier will be less frustratingly itemized. We still have a few more weeks before the 4.2 patch will be out,  so there will be plenty of time to see what new goodies are in store for us!

Also, I hope you are all having a great Memorial Day weekend. We had some good BBQ pork for dinner!

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