Repost: Addon spotlight: Adibags

Addon spotlight: Adibags

via Restokin by Lissanna on 9/5/11


So, in my last post, I talked about how my bags were full of all sorts of old legacy gear that I’ve been holding onto for years. In my comment section for the post, Sound recommended an addon called AdiBags to manage all of the junk I carry around all the time. Now, I’ve been resistant to bag addons for years, because I’ve worked out a system for years (where I organize the bags I carry around with me, and then just dump junk in my regular bank that I never actually look at until I run out of capacity). However, with the farming up of old sets and trying to get everything organized for void storage, I decided to give AdiBags a try. To see the “before” picture, click here.

So, what does a packrats’ bags look like with Adibags? Well, here’s my “after” picture for what my bank & bags look like with the addon:

So, I still have just as much stuff – but now it’s all organized by category! I can see what jewelcrafting supplies I have (in the trade good’s category). I can see what junk I have (some of which is vendor trash that makes it easy to identify).  I know where all the consumables are. The only problem is that with having so much gear, it all gets jumbled together.

Fortunately, Adibags has a search function. Want to know what Stormrider set pieces you have? Well, then just type “stormrider” into the search box, and watch those pieces get highlighted while the other pieces get greyed out (if both your backpack & bank is open, it will search in both places for the items). When you get new items, they’ll also sparkle for a while (and show up under the “new” category) so that you can find that new thing you just picked up without having to search all over the place in your bags. You can also see in the bottom right-hand corner a spot where it says how many empty bag spaces you have. You can drag things from the bank and drop them into the free space slot on the backpack (and vice versa – move stuff from your backpack to the bank).

Do you want to see what’s actually in each bag? Well, you can change it back to the normal view, while still keeping all the neat search functions (just without the other type of filtering into categories). Being able to retain this functionality means that you don’t lose your old bag system, you just gain a new one to be able to search by categories.

So, overall I have found that it’s a very useful addon. The setup wasn’t very time consuming, it’s pretty intuitive to use, and it organizes things for you without having to really put in much time/effort. So, I’d highly recommend picking up a bag addon such as AdiBags (though there are several others that have a similar functionality) if you are a packrat like me! This will help you in preparing for 4.3′s transmogrification,  since I’m sure a lot of people are working on farming up old set pieces and need to easily be able to keep track of what they’re missing for each set!

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