Repost: Dragon Soul raid impressions

So, some of you have been wondering where I (Garnaph) vanished off to. Well, I found out recently that my wife is pregnant, which has radically changed my life. When my daughter is due in April, I plan to vanish from raiding for a few months (I foresee many “emergencies” mid raid, and I’d prefer not to let my team down), so I’m finding it very hard to get excited about the upcoming MoP content, since I’m likely to only see most of it in LFR. I’m not sad about it, since I knew this day was coming, and I know I’ll be back. RL always takes priority, and this is no exception.

I’ll still be around, logging in when I can, keeping an eye on my guild, and I’ll post on Restokin when I can. So never fear, the bear will still be here 😉 />

I also started a new job a few weeks ago, so I went from sitting around bored all day (which makes writing blog posts very easy), to actually doing something constructive with my time.

Finally, I’ve been uninspired. I like writing, but if I don’t have an idea, I stay quiet. I prefer to post things that I think people will actually want to read. If I’m going to repeat something someone else said, or post something terrifyingly boring, I’d rather silence myself 😛

That said, 4.3 is here, and I’m loving it. There are a couple of reasons for this :

(1) It has a real storyline. Think about any raid you’ve ever done. Yes, there’s a story, so to speak, but it’s normally around endbosses only. This one has a story going through the whole thing. [SPOILER ALERT]

  • You start out running up to Wyrmrest temple, beating off Mor’chok, who is beating on the foundations
  • Zon’ozz and Yor’Sahj don’t make as much sense from a story point of view, so I’ll quietly step over them.
  • Off to the eye of eternity, as Thrall can’t control the power of the Dragon Soul, and he needs the Focusing Iris in order to weild it’s power.
  • Back to Wyrmrest temple, and it’s under seige by Ultraxion.
  • Onto a gunship to chase down Deathwing, and Warmaster Blackhorn jumps onto the gunship to try stop you.
  • Parachute onto Deathwing’s back, and tear off armor so Thrall can get a better shot with the Dragon soul.
  • Finally, Thrall scores a K.O., and you land to finish Deathwing off.

Seriously, that story is EPIC.

(2) It’s outdoors, and in multiple locations. Almost every raid consists of walking into a building, and staying there. You go somewhere to attack it. Instead of being at a lot of locations in Dragonblight, you’re on the ground in dragonblight, underground, in the eye of eternity, atop wyrmrest temple, on a gunship (I’m on a boat!), on deathwing’s back, and at the maelstrom. A truly epic series of settings.

(3) It has 5 mans leading up to the raid story. OK, yes, ICC had them too, but this one’s story seems much better integrated into the raid. While only Halls of Reflection truly led into ICC in my opinion, all 3 5 mans lead up to the Dragon Soul raid.

My raid team has only taken down Mor’chok at the moment, as we’ve only had one raid night so far, and half of that was quickly clearing firelands (we’re still finishing up our first legendary). We barely got a few attempts in on Zon’ozz before we ran out of time (although I raided the night as Resto, which is always fun). I’m really looking forward to my 4 hour raiding session tonight.

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