Repost: Dropping Lunar Shower

via Restokin by Lissanna on 7/1/11


So, Blizzard keeps fixing symptoms instead of problems, as obvious by this hotfix:

It is no longer possible to cancel Lunar Shower by right-clicking the buff, or canceling it via a macro.

I’m usually a big developer fan-girl. However, sometimes, I don’t agree with design decisions, and their “fixes” for 4.2 have really not been up to Blizzard’s normal design standards. So…

Hey developers, you know what happens when you make talent points into something that doesn’t actually provide a relable DPS increase or any useful utility? You drop those talent points and invest them somewhere else. At 3 talent points, Lunar Shower is an expensive investment. Moonkin get most of their extra damage from moonfire by spreading it around to multiple targets (multi-DOT strategies for AOE) – NOT from running around in circles spamming moonfire for the direct damage.

Since they basically nerfed Lunar Shower into the ground instead of fixing Eclipse, it just makes Lunar Shower totally unhelpful to pick up. Lunar shower no longer automatically stacks while you are moving. Instead, you gain a stack each time you cast moonfire. This means that by the time you ramp-up to get more damage, you’ve already stopped moving anyway, or you started having to re-cast your shrooms, or something. You should be trying to minimize the amount of moving you do, and so Lunar Shower was going to be a weak DPS increase even if it didn’t move you out of Eclipse faster.

So, to encourage Blizzard to actually fix moonkin’s problems, I’m suggesting that we all drop Lunar Shower from our talent builds, and then we can keep doing what we need.

Recommended talent spec for 4.2: For now, I’m going to pick up a build that Hamlet posted on EJ. You could pick up Moonglow or dreamstate instead of Fungal Growth if you want more mana.

It is time to fix the real problems: I already wrote a post about what is ACTUALLY wrong with moonkin & how to fix it a while back. I can say, however, with some certainty that Lunar Shower wasn’t the problem, and Blizzard’s multiple nerfs to Lunar Shower just makes the talent lackluster and undesirable.

So, when we all drop Lunar Shower, and we’re still having the same problems that never actually got fixed, maybe we’ll see some real fixes instead of just breaking us more.

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