Repost: Druid class feedback (resto edition)

Druid class feedback (resto edition)

via Restokin by Lissanna on 9/13/11


So, yesterday I did the moonkin feedback, since that is the spec I’ve been raiding with the most lately. However, I spent last night healing on Ragnaros attempts, so now I think I’m better prepared to do the resto part.

Resto Spec

  • What type of content do you focus on? – PvE
  • If PvE, what type of PvE? regular-mode raids
  • What are your biggest quality-of-life issues? Honestly, I think the tree form design is working fine (I like it better as a Cooldown). So, for me, the lifebloom restriction on one person (without a way to force-bloom or get faster stacks on target-swaps) is probably the biggest quality-of-life issue. The ramp-up time for switching Lifebloom to a new tank on a fight like Ragnaros is too high, and the tank is most often likely to die while I’m trying to get LB on the new tank target. I waste a lot of GCD’s trying to move LB from one person to another when there are frequent tank-swaps in 10-mans. In 25-mans, it’s less of a problem since we can usually just assign one LB to each of the tanks and just keep it on our targets.
  • What makes playing your class more fun? Resto druids are more fun when HOTs matter for keeping people alive, and when we have enough tools to do the job. I actually enjoy using more of my spells and tools in Cataclysm compared to previous expansions.
  • What makes playing your class less fun? I actually liked the idea of “slower” healing, but it isn’t working out that way in Cataclysm. Instead, we had like a few bosses where your slower heals could actually work in T11, but really not in T12. At this point, if I cast Nourish much at all in Firelands, people die – because it just takes too much time to heal them. On more and more bosses, I’m starting to rely on only using instant-cast or FAST heals over slower-casting heals, which ends up making me hit mana problems pretty hard. Being GCD-capped on a lot of fights and still not feeling like I’m healing fast enough can be really frustrating.
  • How do you feel about your “rotation”? Honestly, I think that resto druids are more fun this expansion than they were in previous expansions. I really enjoy being able to weave in direct heals & HOTs pretty seamlessly. The new mastery is wonderful for helping us do what we’re good at. Lifebloom is probably the biggest “thorn” in our sides. Having a way to either force the bloom to happen (on a cooldown), or stack it faster (possibly also on a cooldown) would be a huge improvement for us. We probably couldn’t have both (a fast-stacking spell with a controlled bloom would be super OP),  but having some way to speed up the swapping process (or let LB bloom when you swap it to the other person to top off the other tank) would be something that would really help in a world where almost every raid dungeon has multiple tank-swap fights.
  • What’s on your wish list for your class? For resto druids, a way to either bloom LB on demand (on cooldown) to benefit from having to swap targets so much, OR a way to fast-stack it (on cooldown), so that you have an easier time helping tanks survive emergency situations.   Without any way to mitigate the amount of damage a tank is receiving, more Lifebloom control would be a huge help (though I suppose a way to mitigate the amount of damage a tank is receiving would also be pretty high on my wish-list). We still need some talent-refinement in the next expansion, for sure, since we still have a lot of “trap” talents in our tree that look attractive but don’t actually do anything particularly useful.
  • What spells do you use the least? Unlike other expansions, I actually use a lot of different healing spells in cataclysm. Nourish is probably my least-used healing spell in raids currently, since the risk of deaths is too high for how little it heals, but it was a spell I used more in T11. I use regrowth more now than I did in T11, but still not that much. I don’t use Nature’s Swiftness as much as I should, but it’s better than it was at the start of Cata.

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