Repost: How is your resto druid doing in 4.3?

So, now that we’ve had several weeks of raiding in 4.3 Dragonsoul raids. I wanted to check on how raids of various types are doing, so I’m creating a series of polls to ask about how people feel they are doing in 4.3. While it’s not a great way to test out actual numbers (world of logs is a better source for that), it does get at some of the psychological effects of the patch and how people feel. This also has the neat effect of seeing what kind of content my readers are doing. 🙂

Please only rate your healing & utility for content you have raided in. Polls will be open until January 1st.

For the purposes of the poll, “Healing Output” is defined in terms of things like: overall healing output compared to other raid members, HPS, and being able to keep up with the incoming damage for whatever role in the raid you are assigned to. If you don’t feel your healing output is keeping up, then you would consider your healing output to be low. Just coming in 2nd instead of 1st on meters doesn’t count as having low healing output – your healing output has to be impacting your raiding group in some way.

For the purposes of the poll, “utility” is defined as things like: burst healing from tranquility, battle res, and replenishment – compared to the utility of other classes. If you feel like your missing of tools is effecting your raid group’s ability to kill bosses, then you would say that we don’t have sufficient utility. Just wanting tools other people have don’t count as having low utility – that lack of utility has to be impacting your raid group negatively in some way.

<Note: All polls are now closed. Thank you for voting!>

Disclaimers: Thank you for submitting your opinions. You can add any additional comments you want in the comments section. Keep in mind that the above shouldn’t really be used when asking for buffs or nerfs, as the polls here aren’t going to have a representative sample of the entire class, and reflect opinions rather than actual hard data. It does, however, give us some idea of how the 4.3 changes & healing in Dragonsoul feel in various raid sizes and difficulties if the sample sizes are large enough. This is more for seeing differences of identifying where possible problems could be for looking into the content further and satisfying my own curiosities.

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