Repost: Intro to Power Auras (part 2 of 3)

Intro to Power Auras (part 2 of 3)

via Restokin by Garnaph on 7/25/11


In part 1, I showed some basic auras you can setup. In this part, I’ll go through some of the more advanced options, and what is possible if you use them correctly.


On top of displaying whatever warning you desire, you can also setup a timer, to show how much longer a buff/debuff has left, how long until a CD is available, etc. You can also setup a timer to only display below a certain threshold. So an aura can popup with a countdown from 10 seconds for your swiftmend, for example. Or your Harmony buff aura can track how many seconds are left, so you can correctly time a direct heal if Swiftmend is still on CD.


The first trick is to have multiple auras using the same space, acting as if they were one aura. E.g. you can have a white aura to show when harmony is up, and a red one in the same place when it is not. This is extremely helpful for anything that is super vital that must be up at all times. Harmony, Savage Roar, Pulverize, and Demoralizing Roar are all good examples of where this is useful.

It’s also helpful to show when a cooldown is up. This is very nice for tank cooldowns (I have them go blue with a timer when they’re up). If nothing appears, the effect isn’t active, and it’s on cooldown.

To setup a multi-aura like this this, simply setup your normal aura, copy it, change the colour and invert.

The left aura is the one for when the buff is up (with a timer – see above), and the right one shows red when there is no rip on my current target.


Compound Auras:

This is my favourite trick. You can tell auras to only activate if another aura (or multiple auras) are active. Often this involves creating auras that are actually disabled, as they do not exist for any other purpose.

E.g. Setup a (disabled) warning for when you are under 80% mana, then create an innervate CD aura, that depends on the mana warning. The innervate warning will then activate only when BOTH are true. In the heat of a raid fight, all you need to do is alt-click innervate when you see it pop up.

In order to setup the dependency, you need to get the number of the aura you’re depending on, which you can get by simply hovering over it in the mail interface. Then simply type this number (or multiple numbers, separated with “/” backslashes) into the activation box as shown.

The left aura is the mana check (which is disabled, as it’s useless on its own), the right one is an innervate CD aura with a reference to the mana check aura. You add the reference by adding the id – you find the id by simply hovering over the aura in your list, as seen below. Disabled auras can still be used as extra conditions :


Exporting/Importing auras

While not technically a function in the light of the points above, this is extremely important to know. You can export auras to a text string that can be imported for someone else. This also serves as a fantastic way to backup your auras while you’re working on them, since often you make a small change, everything breaks, and you have no idea how to fix it.

You can import/export individual auras, or an entire set. Considering how you setup a full set to work together, its advisable to always export a set.

It’s pretty basic to do, but I’m addicted to inserting screenshots now, so here goes :


In the final part I’m going to outline the full power auras setups I use, along with some tricks specific to each druid spec. I’ll also mention some auras specific to certain raid fights.

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