Repost: Intro to Power Auras (part 3 of 3)

Intro to Power Auras (part 3 of 3)

via Restokin by Garnaph on 8/14/11


To wrap up my Power Auras series, I’m going to outline the setups I use, and while I expect this to spark heated debate about what’s necessary and what’s not, and how terribly ugly my setup looks, I still feel it’s important to lay it out, so I can explain why I use Power Auras, and what they do for me.

I’ve setup power auras for all 4 druid specs, and in all cases except for Resto, I’ve got them linked to a condition based on form (Bear/Cat/Boomkin), so they don’t display unless I want them. The Resto auras are mostly talents and mastery, so they generally don’t display outside of that spec anyway, and my innervate aura won’t display in my feral forms due to my mana threshold. I use tranquility in all 4 specs, so having it active for all is fine by me.

Exports for all of the sets are available by clicking on the headers. Please download and import them, and mess around with the settings to understand how they all work. Note that they are all setup according to my UI and screen resolution, so if the layout is a mess, it may not entirely be my fault ;)

It’s also worth noting that my Resto setup is the simplest, since it’s a few simple cooldown checks, and a harmony aura. DPS and tanking setups (tanking is kinda like DPS with cooldowns) tend to be a lot more complicated, due to the rotations involved in performing optimally.

First things first, I use square symbols that mirror the abilities on my bars. If possible, I get them to even be ordered the same as abilities on my bars, to make following them as intuitive as possible.

I’ll order these from simplest to most complicated…

If I say something is a “DoT timer”, assume I mean it shows with a timer from 10s and below, and shows as red if the dot is not on the target. Same goes for if I say “buff timer” or “debuff timer”.

Shared (click here for exports):

  • Tranquility CD (This is useful regardless of what spec you are in)
  • Red Fairie fire 3 stack check (if no one else is applying this debuff, you should do your part for the raid, even if you’re Boomkin/Resto)
  • Clearcasting buff warning

Resto (click here for exports):

  • Innervate (off CD, and mana under 80%)
  • Harmony buff timer
  • Nature’s swiftness CD
  • Swiftmend CD
  • Wild Growth CD

Boomkin (click here for exports):

  • Starsurge CD
  • Force of Nature CD
  • Starfall CD
  • Moonfire DoT timer [only shows when NOT in solar eclipse]
  • Sunfire DoT timer [only shows in solar eclipse]
  • Insect Swarm DoT timer
  • Wrath/Starfire auras, that display when in solar/lunar eclipse (so if I have to do something in a panic, I can remember where I was)


Basically if you follow these ok, you’ll use all CDs as they come up, keep up sun/moonfire + IS and switch from wrath to starfire and back as required. An addon like Balance Power Tracker is very strongly suggested for knowing EXACTLY when you’re going to go into eclipse.

Cat (click here for exports):

  • Mangle debuff check
  • Rip DoT timer
  • Rake DoT timer
  • Savage Roar buff timer
  • Combo points auras for 1/2/3/4/5, showing as small white circles (this idea was shamelessly stolen from Maus, a Resto/Kitty Druid in my guild)
  • Shred icon which shows above 80 energy
  • 2 Tiger’s fury auras : one to show when it’s off CD, and one to show when it’s both off CD, and energy is under 30.
  • Catform icon when on 5 CP as an additional warning.
  • Ferocious bite warning if current target is less than 25% health.


As bad as kitty used to be, with this setup it’s easy. Just follow the auras as they pop up, and you’ll maintain mangle+rake+5CP rip, shred only when over 80 energy (or if rip is on a low duration, and you know your shred glyph is going to kick in). When the first tiger’s fury aura comes up, spam shred to kill your energy, then when the second aura pops up, hit tiger’s fury for the free energy. If the Savage roar warning comes up, use SR with as few CP as possible.

Bear (click here for exports):

  • Demo roar debuff timer, which also checks for similar effects (e.g. from other tanks)
  • FFF CD (which appears right next to the 3 stack FF aura)
  • Mangle CD
  • Thrash CD (only activates over 70 rage)
  • Maul CD (only activates over 70 rage)
  • Lacerate icon, that morphs into a Pulverize icon at 3 stacks (with 3 white circles above it showing lacerate stacks, similar to the combo points setup for cat outlined above).
  • Pulverize buff timer
  • Enrage CD
  • Berzerk CD
  • Tanking CDs (this covers, barkskin, SI, FR) : Cooldown aura, plus an additional BLUE timer when the effect is on me (so I can see when it’s going to expire)


As it’s my main spec, you’ll notice the complexity of my bear setup is quite far beyond the rest. I’m really picky about what I see, so I want it all to be in place, so I can focus on doing my job, and not having to worry about if a CD is ready, or if a CD I popped a short while ago is still running or not.

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