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Welcome to another installment from the “voices of the community” series. Today’s post is brought to you by Ruminare on Blackrock-US, in the guild <Something Novel>.

Cataclysm has turned the world inside-out and in many ways, players have had to change and adapt to new and uncertain conditions. Druids face that uncertainty every patch with changes that are subtle but intrinsic to every players game – those in the feral tree will know what I mean when they stubbornly and desperately try powershifting out of movement impairing effects in the arena!

However, it is true for all druids, especially those who heal, that we have to remain as resourceful as we can! Whether it’s in conserving mana to which Bouridon has given us an excellent guide or our interfacing with the game as Zosima has helped us improve, we druids must do all what we can to perform at our best. Here, I present some further guidance on being a resourceful restokin.

Master Shapeshifting

I often play other classes in high-end heroic dungeons and find that other resto druids don’t change form very often – if at all! Bouridon pointed out that we can use the Tree of Life form to help with mana conservation but this is probably the only form I see other resto druids using. Depending on your situation, there are other forms you can use to help deal with an encounter – many of these lessons I’ve learned from early Cata-arena fights, but they can be applied to many other scenarios.

  1. Bear Form: Bear form is particularly useful when you’re surrounded by many adds and need to survive just a little bit longer; for example if you’re taking damage personally and need to stick it out just a few more seconds for the tank to grab threat.
    As a bear, you benefit from increased stamina and armor contribution and it can keep you from being polymorphed (particularly useful in Throne of Tides where healers are often hexed). You can also interrupt spells using skull bash and stun for 3 seconds using bash. Below are three useful macros that can help you to utilize bear form without having to spend time building up rage. The first macro is a true survival macro and should be used when you’re not necessarily needing to heal, but needing to survive. If you know an alchemist or the prices on your local AH aren’t too high, macro’ing in the use of an Earthen Potion can give you an even greater advantage.

    • Rumi’s Bear Survival/Shifting Macro:
      #showtooltip Bear Form(Shapeshift)
      /cast [nostance:1]Bear Form(Shapeshift)
      /cast Enrage(Bear Form)
      /cast Frenzied Regeneration(Bear Form)
      /cast Demoralizing Roar(Bear Form)
    • Rumi’s Bear Interrupt Macro:
      #showtooltip Skull Bash(Bear Form)
      /cast Enrage(Bear Form)
      /cast Skull Bash(Bear Form)
    • Rumi’s Bear Stun Macro:
      #showtooltip Skull Bash(Bear Form)
      /cast Enrage(Bear Form)
      /cast Bash(Bear Form)

  2. Cat Form: Many people already use this form to stealth and dash (enhanced by macro’ing in a Swiftness Potion), but did you know you can also interrupt spells [Skull Bash(Cat Form)], increase your raids movement speed [Stampeding Roar] and also reduce your threat [Cower]? Learning to use these abilities strategically and effectively can help you become a greater asset to your raid.The best resto druids I know use these abilities often. For example, a resto druid in Magmaw, Maloriak or Chimaeron encounters can help by stampeding roar’ing the group when they must spread out from a stacking phase to a spread phase (when Maloriak switches from red to blue phase; during Magmaw, when the melee group has to move out of Massive Crash and to the tank side, etc). During Chogall, worshipping players can be smacked back to reality by a healer who knows to use skull bash when everyone else’s interrupt is on cooldown – in such a case, it can be a really clutch save.
  3. Travel Form: If you are outside and find yourself being the target of adds, enemy-players or simply need to distance yourself from the chaos, travel form can be a good method to get out of there quick. It should also be your reflexive shapeshift if you’re rooted or ensnared. Using an Emergency Macro can also be particularly useful if you tie in Barkskin, Nature’s Grasp and (if you’re a Tauren) thunder stomp right before going into Travel Form. Below is an example macro. [However, do be careful with Nature’s Grasp: while it is effective to keep enemies away from you, if you’re raiding 25man content it can be particularly annoying to an offtank who has to wait for the roots to fall off before s/he can round up the trash (especially true for Nefarian, Maloriak, Magmaw encounters)]
  1. #showtooltip Barkskin
    /use Healthstone
    /cast Barkskin
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast War Stomp(Racial)
    /cast Nature’s Grasp
    Note: the /use 10, 13, 14 are your gloves, first trinket, and second trinket respectively. I’m an engineer so I have a glove tinker to work with, but I’ve only included the trinkets if you want to spam this in an emergency. If you’re raiding, be more choosy about trinket use.

Craft-y Creatures

Druids must be crafty. If you haven’t already, research the advantages of professions and max out your two. If your druid is your only character, having a gathering profession can help with finances, but if it isn’t, keeping two crafting professions can offer the best advantages. [ has an excellent guide on profession bonuses here]

However, don’t limit yourself to your own profession advantages. Many other professions have alot to offer as well. Scribes, for example, can make Runescrolls of Fortitude I and II that anyone can use to boost party/raid stamina by 132/468. This is a great advantage if you don’t have a priest in the group and want to offer your raid improved survival. Scribes can also make Adventurer’s Journals which offer varying buffs as you level from 75-85 with a chance to also gain a buff that gives +10% quest experience for 1 hour. Also, when you’re leveling from 80-85 in the new cataclysm quest zones, using a Potion of Treasure Finding can help you make more money as you go along.

Many of us already know about the use of flasks and food buffs but potions aren’t used as often as they should be. For example, whenever my guild pulls a raid boss – we count down in Mumble/Ventrilo “3 – 2 – Potion – go”. Using a potion before the boss has actually been encountered allows the potion cooldown to refresh mid-fight. Then, when the cooldown expires you can use a potion again. This is especially helpful for DPS who gain from as much as +1200 to their primary stats twice throughout the fight! [Volcanic Potions give +1200 intellect, and Potion of the Tol’vir gives +1200 agility]

If you’re doing a heroic dungeon and don’t necessarily need to flask, you can always use inscription scrolls, such as Scroll of ____ IX for +100 of the stat the scroll is used for. These are relatively inexpensive and last for 30 minutes.

If you’re having mana troubles, you can always use a Potion of Concentration as well, but do so choosingly. If you’re fighting Heroic Sinestra for example, where a potion of concentration would hurt more than it’d help – use an ordinary mythical mana potion instead. Other potions are also helpful and researching and testing them can be a fun experience that helps boost your game (my favorite is the Mysterious Potion:)

WowArmory Character Profile Advanced View and Character Audit

One last resource is the character profile that Blizzard offers every player. I highly recommend using this tool in the “Advanced View” and making sure to check the “Character Audit” below it (Here’s mine as an example).

It can help you to remember that missing ebonsteel belt buckle, enchantment or gemming one might overlook. Also, it has a nice summation tool of all your reforging so you can see where you’re placing an emphasis for yourself, such as Lissanna’s failed character audit (that she added to the post herself, since it reminded her to add a missing JC gem to her gear), and reforging info (the reforging info shows what you have done to your gear, and does not provide suggestions the way the character audit section does):



If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them in the comments below. Take care and have fun!

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