Repost: My bank is already void storage

My bank is already void storage

via Restokin by Lissanna on 8/20/11


So, as a self-proclaimed packrat, I was really excited to see Void storage pop up as a repository where we can dump all our old gear that we want to hold on to.

Back in Vanilla, I worked really, really hard to get all the gear. When Burning Crusade came out, I didn’t really WANT to get rid of all that gear. So, I put it in the bank. My bank has basically been a repository where I just shove all the gear I can fit. When I have too much gear, I go through and get rid of some old gear so that I can fit new gear in there. I haven’t been very organized in my gear-hoarding, so I have random bits & pieces of various sets and off-sets. At this point, I’m pretty sure that everything in my bank is soulbound gear, and I still have a ton of other gear that I carry around on a regular basis in my bags that is more current.

It’s perfect for seasonal outfits, items you think look really cool, etc. It’s the place to put the gear you just don’t want to delete, but don’t regularly use either. If we just gave you 80 more bank slots — which is a monumental technical task as I said earlier — we’d have to consider nominating you for “Hoarders: World of Warcraft Edition.”

Well, lets look at my bank & bags on Lissanna today:

I’m pretty sure I should be one of the first characters nominated for Hoarders: WC edition. What do I have in my bank & my bags? Well, most of it is soulbound gear & assorted vanity items (holiday stuff that’s soulbound, trading card stuff, trinkets that were obsolete 5 years ago that I still held onto). There are a couple of crafting things & raid consumables that I carry with me in the bags & use every day. The rest of the stuff in my bank and in my bags is all gear. You know what giving me 80 slots of gear “void storage” does? It allows me to empty some (but not all!) of this stuff out into the void storage so I can… hold even more gear! I haven’t been able to use my bank for anything other than holding gear since around the time Burning Crusade came out, so I’m not sure what I’d do with actual bank space. Every 6 months or so, I have to go through my bank and make more space for the new gear that I get. I don’t have my Tier 1 anymore, but I’m pretty sure I have bits & pieces of pretty much every other tier set that’s come out since then (though it’s not well organized, so I may have accidentally gotten rid of some things that I’ll have to re-farm later on).

The only reason I have a partially empty bag is that I need space to be able to actually pick things up when I’m farming and whatnot. I never, ever have more than 1 bag empty at any point in time, and I very often run out of space when running instances and whatnot.

So, Void Storage is an awesome feature for me, since that’s basically what my current bank is – space to store old gear (and I need MORE SPACE!). If the void storage space is 150 slots, I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to fill all of those void storage slots, as long as I have enough gold to be able to do it. Also, Blizzard, when you want to start making Hoarders: WC edition, you should see what my bank will look like after I have 80 more slots to hold more gear! LOL!

Playing Dress-up

So, The other thing that comes in patch 4.3 is the ability to change how your current gear looks. Even though I’m running around as moonkin most of the time (so I suffer the problem of always looking like a moonkin), there are a lot of positive features of the system that I’m really looking forward to.

First, druid tier sets have a long history of looking totally stupid. There are some really great sets that they have made for druids. However, there are some outfits that I’ve had to wear over the years that I really just hated looking at. While we spend a lot of time in forms, I still spend an equally large amount of time running around Stormwind or hanging out waiting for stuff to happen where I’m not in a form.


So, what sets would I never want to wear again? The druid T1 wasn’t fun to wear when it was current, and it’s actually something I didn’t bother keeping. Druid Tier 10 along with Tier 12 are also not things I really would want to wear. However, there are a handful of really great sets that would be worth re-wearing. The Tier 8 set is one that I really liked, though I don’t think I still have all the pieces. Tier 5 is also really a nice set. The tier 7 (re-skinned T3) is pretty good, as well. There are a lot of options that we have for customizing our gearing. You don’t want to wear pants? Great! Just slap on a dress graphic and you are good to go!

You also get to re-skin your weapon, and I’m pretty sure that you’ll see a ton of druids running around with the Tentacle Staff that I know you all saved from your Karazhan raiding days just waiting for Transfiguration to come to the game, right?

Oh yeah! That’s one sexy moonkin!

So, even as a druid, I think there is a lot for people like me to be excited about when the 4.3 patch hits!

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