Repost: Profession bonuses unbalanced in 4.3

First up, thanks to Juvenate (@wtsheals) for giving me the idea for this one.

Basically, here’s how profession bonuses worked pre-4.3. Your bonus is what you get from your profession, that you wouldn’t have before. The idea is that they are all equal, so the bonus int you get from Alchemy on your flask, equals the total of the two int enchants you can do on rings, or the extra int you’d get on wrists over the non-LW wrist enchant.

However, 4.3 broke that, and here’s how.

With the addition of epic gems, Blacksmithing now has a lead over the other professions. BS gives you two bonus sockets, which you can obviously put epic gems into. Since epic int gems give 50 int, vs 40 on your old rare gems, that’s a 20 int bonus over what they used to get (80 int from 2 bonus gems becomes 100 int with the new 50 int gems). Most other professions still get the 80 int bonus, but JC really gets screwed. The JC bonus is the 67 intBrilliant Chimera’s Eye. At 27 int bonus each (over a 40 int Brilliant Inferno Ruby), 3 of these gave an 81 int bonus, basically equal to other professions. The problem is that with epic gems, we’re now talking about 17 int bonus per gem (over a 50 int Brilliant Queen’s Garnet), giving 51 bonus int. Compare that to the 100 int BS is getting.

In 3.2 when WOTLK epic gems were added, blizzard buffed all professions so they would be equal. It baffles me that they didn’t do it this time around. Also, being a JC, this annoys me personally. I don’t want to take BS on a druid. It doesn’t make sense.

Right now, we won’t have everyone running around in epic gems just yet, so this isn’t going to affect raiding performance too much, but soon enough everyone WILL, and then the QQ will really start.

Here’s hoping someone from blizzard reads this and fixes it. Soon. 

Posted in Patches, Written By Garnaph


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