Repost: The Baleroc Feral trick

The Baleroc Feral trick

via Restokin by Garnaph on 7/14/11


We were told you needed to 2 tank Bale, and that solo tanking it wasn’t possible in 359 gear. Yet we pulled it off, due to a few tricks that we came up with. They worked so well, I felt it would be useful to share what we did, as it’s pretty druid-specific :

Our DK was our tank for the encounter. He popped AMS for inferno blade, and popped Dancing Rune Weapon for decimation blade (he dodged+parried half of them). Also, since Death strike scales with DMG taken, a DS right after a decimation blade hit was very effective.

The point I want to mention, however, is what I ended up doing on the fight. I went as kitty DPS, but took all the spell dmg tank talents (2/2 Natural Reaction, 3/3Perseverance), and kept my FR glyph on. When it was time for me to tank a shard (I picked up each odd one as it spawned), I went bear, popped BS and SI or FR (and got our disc priest to PS me on the 3rd one when SI/FR were both on CD), and tanked it to around 20 stacks, running out only when my health dipped under 50% (most dps can only survive to around 10 in our raid). This helped our healers get incredibly high stacks of Vital Spark, which made the single tank strat work really nicely. I also managed to push 16k DPS, in spite of being in bearform for 40% of the fight.

Our hunter picked up the remainder of my shard, and our warlock (with Shadow Ward and Soul Link) tanked the even shards, with our rogue picking up the remainder there.

The Holy Pally was the first one to heal me, on the very first shard, and this is no doubt why his healing was well ahead of the others in the end.

I thought I’d try this as a gimmick – I honestly didn’t expect it to work as well as it did. I can certainly recommend it for any other ferals, especially if you’re MS kitty.

Our WoL parse for the kill using this strat :

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