Repost: The druids’ playground: molten front

The druids’ playground: molten front

via Restokin by Lissanna on 8/2/11


Believe it or not, I started this post almost a month a go with a title and the text: “Insert post here about the new daily quests and why they are fun for druids.” And so, here we go. Now that I’m back from all my traveling and such, I’ll hopefully be returning to a slightly more normal posting schedule.

I really think that from a geeky lore standpoint, the 4.2 daily quests in  Hyjal are a lot of fun for the druid class (especially early on!). We went through most of Wrath of the Lich King without a real reason for druids to really care about being invested as a class (why do druids care about undead in Northrend?). However, the Hyjal daily quests released with 4.2 (in the Regrowth of Hyjal and the Molten Front), the content is definitely relevant to druids. Without giving too much of the questlines away, I thought that showing would be better than just simply telling. So, here are some examples of why I think the quest design makes the content really relevant to druids:

First, the quest area is relevant to druids by building on druid-lore introduced in Hyjal as a questing zone. I particularly liked questing in Hyjal when I was leveling up from 80 to 85. The daily quests also allow you to do things like: save cute and cuddly animals!

Next, I was pleasantly excited to see that I had a flock of druids join me when completing one of the daily quests! I mean, what other quests allow us to hang out with more of our druid friends?!? If the quest area is particularly crowded, it’s a lot of fun to see all the druid NPC’s running around all over the place!

Sure, Broll Bearmantle, you can hang out with me!

We get achievements for completing quests related to druid-lore, and completing some of the quests give us fun vanity items! Now, there are a few decent caster-druid items from completing the quests, but I’ve been doing the quests some to see the various quest storylines more than I’ve done it for any type of gear or loot.

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