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via Restokin by Lissanna on 7/1/11


So, a couple months ago, I opened my blog up to guest writers. Since then, I have had a series of about 7 people contribute posts to my blog in a “voices from the community” series. Since starting this series, I have heard a lot of great feedback from my readers about how much you enjoy reading the guest posts. However, now that the series is starting to wrap up (because most of the interested druids have already posted), I figured it was time to decide on a more permanent solution to my busy schedule.

Thus, I’m adding a more permanent writer to this blog, a druid named Garnaph! I’d like to welcome him to the blog.

He is actually the first writer from my “voices” series, who wrote the post about raiding with high latency. His original post was very well received by the readers here, and I’m sure that you will enjoy reading his future posts.

Note: Due to my crazy whirlwind schedule right now, he will likely be posting more than me for the month of July. Don’t worry, once I’m done with my Wedding at the end of July, you will start seeing a lot more posts from Lissanna again! I’m not leaving, just making sure you still get high quality posts during such a busy time for me! He’s going to be staying permanently even after that, since I really do like the blogging model of having multiple writers now that my speed of posting is unlikely to ever hit the “every other day” posting schedule I started this blog with, LOL.

Here is more information about Garnaph:

Garnaph is a level 85 Tauren Druid, on the Twilight’s Hammer (EU) server. He has been on TH for the entirety of his WoW career, due to the large South African community on the server. He is the GM of the Exodus (, a guild he founded with some friends some time ago. He runs two 10 man raiding teams, one of which he raid leads. He raids as Bear (Resto offspec), and will occasionally reforge/respec to Boomkin and Kitty. As such, he tries to stay aware of changes to all 4 specs, as he never knows when  he will be needed in a a DPS role.

He is really looking forward to sharing his knowledge with you. His upcoming posts include things like a guide to the Power Auras mod, which I’m definitely looking forward to reading!

So, I’d like everyone to welcome Garnaph to the blog, and I hope you enjoy his posts!

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