Monthly Archives: March 2012

MoP Beta: More on moonkin & tree form shapeshifts

Hey guys, we got updates on the EU forum from Wryxian about moonkin form not being forgotten! Well, we agree. And this is why an improved moonkin model is indeed in the schedule. But alas I have no due date to announce. In the meantime, we hope the various new cool shape-shift glyphs will provide […]

MoP feedback: Level 90 druid talents

Now that beta has started, it’s time to get serious about evaluating the new talents and their problems. Today, we’ll start with the level 90 talents. I was going to try and fit multiple tiers of talents in this post, but the level 90 talents actually deserve their own post. I can’t actually play with […]

More MoP druid graphics

Here are some more pictures from Beta! Here is Astral Swarm (the arcane hurricane spell when you are in Lunar Eclipse) Here is the newly updated force of nature for moonkin! They cast wrath! Force of Nature (casts Healing Touch) and Healing Shrooms for resto druids: Force of Nature for cats will  melee the target. […]

MoP Beta Screenshots: New forms

Here are some screenshots of the new druid forms in Beta. Thanks to Henchick for helping with some of the shots. I don’t have a lot, since I’m just quickly trying to get stuff posted before I head to campus this morning. I only had about a half hour I could spend on this… The […]