MoP Beta: More on moonkin & tree form shapeshifts

Hey guys, we got updates on the EU forum from Wryxian about moonkin form not being forgotten!

Well, we agree. And this is why an improved moonkin model is indeed in the schedule. But alas I have no due date to announce. In the meantime, we hope the various new cool shape-shift glyphs will provide a little distraction while the moonkin model gets the loving it needs. 🙂

So, it looks like while Glyph of Stars allows the moonkin haters to just not have moonkin form, there will eventually be a moonkin graphic update. Some day. This gives us a little bit of hope at least. So, peeps who don’t want moonkin at all can have glyph of stars, and people who want moonkin can just keep waiting.

Glyph of stars overall is a decent glyph. You can mount in that form, and it will be really great for PvP, I think. I personally, however, just feel empty without moonkin form, so the glyph of stars just isn’t for me.

Incarnation for moonkin right now is just making moonkin comically large, rather than putting you in a new form (though for some reason, my NE druid’s comically large moonkin is actually the Worgen coloring). I’m avoiding posting pictures of it just because I still assume this is a placeholder and not “working as intended” so to speak.

Tree form Glyph & Incarnation Clarifications

So, I keep getting questions about how the tree form glyph works & what happens with the cooldown tree. I didn’t include this in my shapeshift posts because the graphics haven’t changed. However, I figure that I’ll include it all here so you guys can see.

Here is my feral-spec druid in Perma-Tree form from the glyph. Note that any spec can use the tree form glyph (it is not spec-restricted). I also checked, and the tree form glyph is not slowing my movement speed. Treant form runs at normal run speed. You can cast spells in treant form, so you can heal in treant form as a resto druid. There is no time restriction on shifting into cosmetic tree, so you can hang out and dance in tree form all day if you want to.

Below is my resto druid with Incarnation. Note that incarnation doesn’t put a shapeshift form on my shapeshift bar. Instead, incarnation gives me a spell in my spell book that I drag onto my normal casting bar. I hit that spell to activate the cooldown. So, the tree form cooldown isn’t a shapeshift button on your shapeshift bar anymore.

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16 comments on “MoP Beta: More on moonkin & tree form shapeshifts
  1. Jen says:

    That’s funny, I do have Incarnation on my shapeshift bar and *not* in my spellbook:
    What’s even funnier is that I’m not actually specced into Incarnation, I chose Force of Nature for the tree army… but I can turn into Tree of Life and I do get all the spell bonuses. I know it’s a bug, but I like getting the best of both worlds 😛

    (I really, really hope that if I’m using the Treant glyph I can still be a treant when I pop ToL! I don’t want to see the new tree… ever. Not even on a cooldown.)

  2. Lucrece says:

    Lissana, have there been any videos for further spell graphics? I haven’t been able to find videos for new spells like Malefic Grasp or the demonology spell.

    I haven’t been able to see the Moonkin wild charge either, or disentanglement/faerie swarm.

  3. stirringdesert says:

    The only sad thing about perma tree that bothers me is that it is still a form and you will have to pop it back on whenever you ss into something else. And it doesn’t even give you any buff this time. Well I guess it’s a price we will have to pay.
    Speaking about the price, is perma tree spell on gcd? Does it have mana cost? Is it canceled when using Incarnation?

    • Jen says:

      I can’t answer the others, but right now when you use Incarnation (ToL) you turn into the new tree.

  4. Starfury says:

    Yes, i’d like to know the answer to that question too, does perma tree form use a GCD? i hope it doesn’t since i’ts purely cosmetic, but instead has it’s on 1.5 second cooldown to ensure no server spamming with commands.

    Saying that, does moonkin/cat/bear etc and all forms cancel the treant form if used? i assume it does, but would have been interesting if it didn’t.

    I’m really liking these new glyphs btw, I off course will choose the stag for travel form, hope it gets a graphical update like a smaller version of Marlone rather than a white version of the ashenvale stags,

    i will also use glyph of treant form too, it should really confuse the hell out of peeps in pvp, to see me go from moonkin to treant form. haha

    As for glyph of stars, I will definitely be using that, altho, not always. i’ve never been a big fan of moonkin form though it has grown on me, and i see Lissana’s preference in that moonkin form without the moonkin is meh.. but i always thought the creature was the wrong one for the balance shapeshift form, it should have been the dryad/keeper of the grove model. But the form graphics are also quite out dated too and i never get to see my gear.

    My biggest issue with the current moonkin model is how dumb it looks. Look at Lissana’s restokin artwork and another guy’s website too. you see the faces look a lot more intelligent than the blizzard model. Owls LOOK intelligent, like hawks, birds of prey. They have WIDE large eyes, which gives them wise edge too to their looks, and their eyes are in front and not to the side, unlike chickens. Moonkins are called chickens because the face looks like a chicken, dumb.. that’s not what i like for the intellect and obviously highly intelligent druid, even cartoons like chicken run or family guy’s arch enemy the huge chicken have a far more intelligent expression too them. So until the new model gets a wiser /smarter more predatory face, i would not be inclined to use it much.

    Saying that, i will always use Glyph of Stars for pvp, from being easy target and easy identifiable, this is a welcome change WELCOME change, like a gnome i would be harder to spot and far less easily targetted, it’s brilliant actually for pvp, should allow me to reallly launch out from discreet corners. In pvE however, i will switch to moonkin form normally esp when the model update arrives, but hey nice, i do like the idea of going from moonkin to caster, to tree, or too astral form, just to mess with players.

  5. Treeboi says:

    My belief is that Incarnation will always be a better talent than Force of Nature.

    Pets have always scaled poorly, plus Incarnation will benefit from raid buffs (while temporary pets never benefit from raid buffs), so for burst damage/healing, you’ll always do better with Incarnation.

    Both are burst damage/healing talents, both are on a 3 minute cooldown, so it is obvious that one talent or the other will be better at all times. My bet is on Incarnation.

    Force of Nature will need something special, something more than just straight up damage or healing, in order for it to be better than Incarnation.

  6. Treeboi says:

    From a PvP standpoint, both Heart of the Wild and Dream of Cenarius suck.

    Dream of Cenarius sucks in PvP because it only buffs a single heal/attack, once every 30 seconds, which is not how PvP works. I think it should be thrown away.

    Heart of the Wild sucks in PvP for the exact same reasons why it sucks in PvE. 6 minutes is way too long of a cooldown, 45 seconds is way too long of a time frame, and you don’t gain any special abilities to let you take advantage of a hybrid role.

    However, I think Heart of the Wild can be fixed, such as:

    Switches your spec to your alternate spec for 25 seconds with a 3 minute cooldown. Like a normal spec switch, your button mappings will change and glyphs will change, but unlike a normal spec switch, you will not lose mana during the switch. In addition, 50% of agility becomes spirit, spell power becomes attack power, and attack power becomes spell power.

    That would make it both useful and controllable, for both PvE and PvP specs. Obviously, it would require your second spec to differ enough to take advantage of the talent, but that’s a small price to pay.

  7. michel says:

    any word yet how the healing shrooms will work? like the balance ones? click and plant them 3 times? i hope not, way to much clicking, missing a lot of healing then, keeping lb on 3 stacks, clicking 6 times to plant the shrooms and trying to keep harmony up (hope they make this a passive one because its a bitch) we have way to much timers to watch. if you have to plant each shroom 1 at a time, boy you not gonna do much spam healing. So, make Mastery a passive one, lb 1 click is 3 stacks and shrooms 1 click gets big circle and plants 3 shrooms at ones.

    • Lissanna says:

      Right now, healing shrooms are identical to damage shrooms except that they heal instead of do damage.

      • Starfury says:

        Lisss, you never answered the question about whether treant form from the glyph was on a GCD or it’s own sperate one.

        also does it override other froms? i will hazard a guess it doesn’t override cat/bear, but since its humanoid link, a slightly larger chance it may override moonkin form.

        finally once you activate it, you then shift to moonkin form, if you shift out of moonkin form do you go to cater form? or treant form??

        • Lissanna says:

          Treant form is on the GCD. It costs 1,120 mana to shift into treant form.

          Its a real shapeshift form, so if you are in treant form, then you aren’t in cat form or moonkin form. It’s not a costume applied to your current form.

          You also can’t be in Incarnation form and Treant form at the same time – going into incarnation form will drop the perma-tree shapeshift and you will be the big “new” tree graphic. Clicking on treant form when you have Incarnation active will un-highlight all the abilities that are buffed by incarnation.

          If you cancel any form (treant form included), then you are in humanoid form. You can, however, shift directly to one form from another without having to be in humanoid form, so you could probably macro the shapeshifts if you never wanted to see your gear. 🙂

  8. Treeboi says:

    So I take it that tree form is just like humanoid form, when it comes to what abilities you have? Is there any spell that breaks tree form?

    If so, it sounds like a resto PvP glyph, as it lets you break snares while remaining in a form that allows heals.

    Also, does powershifting still break snares? I’ve read contradictory forums posts on that subject.

    • Lissanna says:

      I can’t really test that kind of stuff at this point ’cause no one is around except for all the monk leveling in beta max right now.

  9. wouter says:

    Did we get any kind of armor boost yet? It’s kinda rediculous that we have lower armor than priests and mages in cata.


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