MoP Beta Screenshots: New forms

Here are some screenshots of the new druid forms in Beta. Thanks to Henchick for helping with some of the shots.

I don’t have a lot, since I’m just quickly trying to get stuff posted before I head to campus this morning. I only had about a half hour I could spend on this…

The Orca swim form is by far my favorite. If I could just live in some pond the rest of my druid’s life, I’d be totally happy.

The ride-able stag form goes travel form speed. You don’t get a speed boost. You have to be in a party with someone to be able to hop on their back. Strangers can’t just hop on for a ride. Your party members, however, are free to hop on any time. lol

Glyph of stars is what turns you into a ghostly form (“Astral form” at this point is just a ghost effect applied to the character). It lets you see your gear, though translucent. lol

Force of nature for resto druids looks like the original coloring, and it casts healing touch (hits for about 5000 a cast in my gear). Force of nature for guardian druids casts taunt, and has a new coloring. The graphic for Ursol’s Vortex is also in. Incarnation didn’t have a new spell effect for moonkin yet – it just made me into a comically giant moonkin which I don’t think is intended. lol

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10 comments on “MoP Beta Screenshots: New forms
  1. Ohken says:

    Thanks for the screenshots!

    I hope they do more with the astral form of balance druids. For example, they could embed slowly-moving stars, a little bit like Algalon.

  2. Calayna says:


    I cried out happily when i got to stag form pic. <3 Its so cute.

  3. Stupidhero says:

    Thanks. Any major changes to talent tree layout? I assume not, else we would have seen them by now.

    Also, are Moonkin treants ranged, or still melee? And any secondary effects for those?

    • Azrael says:

      They are ranged, and deal roughly twice the damage they do on live with each cast.

      Also, the Guardian treants have somewhat… higher health than the others. Even in caster gear, they had 300k each at level 85 for me.

  4. Tagartou says:

    I hope a comically large moonkin is intended.

  5. Lissanna says:

    I only had about 40 minutes on the Beta server with about 20 minutes to edit the pics & write the post, so I don’t have any actual info other than what I already posted. when I get home from the lab, I’ll do more testing & posting.

  6. Stupidhero says:

    After thinking a bit more about Resto druids glyph, here are my thoughts (no beta access sadly, and depening on my random queue luck I won’t get in till beta is almost over :/):

    Glyph of Lifebloom will be mandatory for at least every tank swap boss. I’d probably even use it for single tank bosses, given that there may be a phase of low damage on the tank, but else high healing is needed.

    Glyph of Healing Touch seems to be the perfect fit for Soul of the Forest/WG, assuming that SotF works with WG. Even if it wouldn’t, it is nice to bring Swiftmend CD in line with unglyphed WG CD.

    Glyph of Regrowth eliminates crit scaling, making it worse than other healers’ flash heals in the long run.

    Glyph of Wild Growth seems problematic in conjunction with Glyph of HT/SotF. Probably the worst downside of the MoP glyphs I’ve seen up to now.

    My choices right now would be HT/LB/Regrowth, with Regrowth being dropped in favor of non-resto-spell glyphs later on.

    Then after looking a bit more to the most recent monk skills:
    Seems like Monks’ sustained DPS/HPS (Expel Harm, even more for Mistweaver) will be higher than what we could possible achieve with DoC. It’s clear to me that this is how the class is designed, but I don’t think it’s fair that we have to sacrifice one of our tier 90 talents, to be considerably worse at something another class can do baseline, even more so when we’re supposed to be “true hybrids” (that was the design goal for MoP, wasn’t it?). Not to mention the GCD (glyphslot for moonkins) we have to spent.
    Unless being in Melee range turns out to be too much of a hassle for Mistweavers (do not think so right now), Mistweavers baseline abilities will be far superior even to HotW for restoration. Not that hard actually, even with the damage being buffed by 50. To add onto this, monk abilities are far easier to control, and not as situational as druid abilities are.

    Another thing is the excessive amount of slows we have: Faerie Swarm, Glyph of Claw, Infected Wounds, Ursol’s Vortex. Add in the high mobility talents we have (*lovewildcharge*), I do not see a need for all of those. Though If we want more, we could always get Frost Nova or Ice Trap via symbiosis…
    Well, maybe it’s payback for Resto (and slightly less moonkin) being horrible broken for PvP in Cata 😛

  7. ellori says:

    Killer whale form is sooo creepy but I love it! Looking forward to chilling at the bottom of SW lake in whale form!

  8. Lucas says:

    Where do you learn the new glyphs?

    • Lissanna says:

      there’s a glyph vendor inside the first level 85-86 instance that’s open in Beta.

      In addition, a lot of the new glyphs are re-purposed from the old glyphs. So, if you have all the old glyphs learned, you’d have all (or most of) the new ones when the game hits live.


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