More MoP druid graphics

Here are some more pictures from Beta!

Here is Astral Swarm (the arcane hurricane spell when you are in Lunar Eclipse)

Here is the newly updated force of nature for moonkin! They cast wrath!

Force of Nature (casts Healing Touch) and Healing Shrooms for resto druids:

Force of Nature for cats will  melee the target. The trees also get a “bash” ability that will stun the target for 4 seconds (30 sec cooldown, so it can only stun them once).

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13 comments on “More MoP druid graphics
  1. Stupidhero says:

    Looks like there’s a tree missing in the 3rd picture 😀

    Though on a more serious note:
    Any chance to test wether those treants heal smart or dumb?
    How exactly do those Guardian Treants work?

  2. PFDruid says:

    Do you still need to place FoN or are they just summoned?

    Also, does each FoN have a passive ability and an activated cooldown? Like:
    Resto: Casts healing touch. Cooldown: Mushroom
    Cat: Melee. CD: Interrupt?
    Bear: Melee. CD: Taunt?
    Moonkin: Wrath. CD:?

  3. Treeboi says:

    Can you compare Incarnation to Force of Nature? My gut tells me that Incarnation will almost always be more beneficial, unless the treants have other abilities beyond dps/healing.

    Aka, both are burst talents, but Incarnation seems like it would scale better with gear and raid buffs, particularly bloodlust. And for PvP, treants would need a lot more buffing in order to be more than the mere nuisances they currently are.

  4. red cow says:

    Oh my god treants to be my backup dancers IT’S CHRISTMAS

  5. wouter says:

    You didn’t show the glyph of the treant 🙁
    The rest is cool tho, didn’t know how the treants worked till now.

    • Lissanna says:

      Glyph of treant looks like the original tree form, so taking a picture of it felt redundant. I also don’t have the glyph on my main copy. >.>

  6. Reversion says:

    Do you still have to target where the trents spawn? Or do they just pop out like mage mirror images? If as a tank I blow them for a fast extra taunt I don’t want it to take extra clicks.

    • WeWhoEat says:

      I would much rather be able to target them, so I can place them away from me to gather adds or pull something off a party member. That sounds much more useful than something limited to starting where I can already take care of business.

      • Lissanna says:

        I think they still have a targeting circle. The arc around behind me is still a better pose for picture taking and it’s where they go when they are out of combat anyway. 🙂

  7. Snuffey says:

    Ok here is what they should totally allow in beta most definitely not live. But I would totally make it happen if i worked at blizz just for funsies. A Boomkin symbiosis’s a mage which gets them mirror image.Boomkin casts mirror image then he casts force of nature which the images also cast. So you see 4 moonkins and 12 treants all casting wrath at the same time UBER AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Faenor says:

    Too bad its some trees; I would have loved a bunch of small kitties coming to help my beloved cat form 😉


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