Monthly Archives: March 2012

a few new MoP glyphs

Beta has started! I got my beta invite, but I’m still working on installing the game. I’m starting to go through the spell lists to try and pull out glyphs from the game files posted on mmo-champion’s This is what I found so far for resto druids. The balance druid glyphs overall don’t seem […]

MoP press info: Things to do outside of raids

So, with raiding not changing all that much, I thought I would spend a brief post talking about things we’ll be able to do outside of raids in Mists of Pandaria. Right now, when I’m not raiding, I tend to log in the game and just fly around stormwind. What excites me the most about […]

Thinking about Diablo 3 for WoW players

So, one of the neat benefits of WoW’s annual pass is that we get a copy of Diablo III for free whenever it goes live. Approximately a million or so people signed up for the annual pass, according to what we heard before. In addition, I know that a lot of WoW players are looking […]