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Happy 3rd Blogiversary Restokin!

Hi everyone! Three years ago (March 7th 2009), I started this little druid blog (that turned into a big druid blog over the years!).

I wanted to give a big thanks to my guest writers this year for helping to fill in over the Summer months when I was AFK. I also wanted to thank Garnaph and Shakk, my more permanent writers, for helping to lighten my posting workload. Having a lot of community support helps keep blogs like this from disappearing under piles of real life work and stress. This year, we survived my server meltdown and having to reconstruct the blog from 6 month old back-ups (thanks to those of you who helped get it back up and running!). Also, thanks to my readers & writers for all your support this year! 🙂

I’m looking forward to the MoP beta testing season “soon” (hopefully in the next few months). I can’t wait to sinking my teeth into a new expansion, since testing is quite possibly my favorite part of the game. There is only so much we can do with a talent calculator, since getting to play with the actual talents is much better.

Also, totally unrelated, I wanted to say congrats to Ponerya of Fel Concentration (one of the warlocks in my guild Undying Resolution on Elune-US) for becoming the newest Wow Insider warlock columnist!

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Down to Business

Hey guys, I (Shakk) have been absent from a couple weeks but that just means I have more things to cover this week with my post. Its been a busy few weeks for Seriously Casual. We finished off the Cataclysm expansion, and Deathwing three weeks ago, and have been filling our time with fun raids with friends. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to run old content with people, and I love to partake in this sort of thing so don’t hesitate to contact me. But lets get down to the good stuff. As always, thanks for reading my posts and you can follow me on twitter at!/SCShakk, here you can keep up on what I’m doing, request to run content with me, or see when my stream is online!

Giving Back to Our Community

Recently, I have been putting a lot of time and effort into furthering new and old players knowledge of the wonderful class we play. I have been streaming raids for everyone to view, and also working with the guys over at to bring the community guides from my point of view. I really enjoy helping out, and that is the reason I approached Liss about writing for her. As we move closer and closer to Mists of Panderia, be sure to keep up with all the new information that I will be publishing and distributing. Also, once the beta is upon us, anyone that wants to test things with me is more than welcome!

So What Will We Cover This Week

This will actually be a viewer requested topic, that was proposed during one of my live streams. I haven’t talked much about the information that has been released for Mists of Panderia, mainly because it will be just speculation at this point. However, with the beta on the horizon, I am going to give you my opinions on problems with our class that will be addressed in MoP.

Mobility Issues During Raid Cooldowns

This is probably one of the most overlooked issues with our class, and the solution that is currently put out for MoP has probably been overlooked too. Often times, we might need to shift into travel form to avoid sudden death, kitty form for a quick roar, or maybe even bear form for a stun, but what if this occurs during our ToL? Our inability to freely move in and out of ToL is both a problem and a throughput concern. With the talented ability Incarnation, we will be able to change in and out of our forms, allowing us to use our ToL when its needed and not need to wait or cut it short to use another cooldown.

Fun Stuff

Symbiosis, is going to be a blast. I know Liss posted an amazing article on this ability, so I won’t go too far in depth with my thoughts on the mechanics of the ability. I think the biggest appeal personally with this ability, is that we have something fun to us. Druids severely lack on interesting abilities, that really add dynamics to the class. Where as, playing a hunter for example I like to press disengage just to see what kind of trouble I can successfully escape from. We should see some pretty unique, funny, and down right amazing uses for this ability, and hopefully will add some entertainment back to our class.


Lets face it, during all of Cataclysm we brought nothing to the table except for raw throughput. With classes being buffed, and druids being nerfed our “value” during raids decreased. Ironbark will largely address some of the issues have had in the past. With a external cooldown, we can now effectively give a raid member a little extra boost when things get a little rough in a raid. The only problem I see so far, is that we aren’t being compensated with a personal cooldown for us to use. If we need to give the tank a cooldown to survive a big hit, then we need one for a lot of raid damage, we have nothing left to use. While I think this is a step in the right direction, it could also be a big oversight on our class as a whole.

Living seed as a passive ability is the types of changes I like to see implemented into our class mechanics. It strongly adds priority in refreshing our mastery, and lifebloom with a direct heal. Its a nice boost to our overall heals, since you know that at least part of the bloom will not go to overheal.

Healing mushrooms have been finally unveiled under our talent section. Its too early to tell, but actively refreshing these shrooms at the cost of 3 GCDs seems largely ineffective. The actual burst that they apply would have to outweigh the effectiveness of our other abilities during this time, to even be viable in a raiding environment. For fights where there is downtime, before a stacked up high AoE phase, I could see at least one set of them being useful since the explosion is off the GCD. At this point though, its just speculation until the beta starts.

Various other talents addressing utility have been introduced into our talent calculator also. I am not going to go through each one, since they are available to the public to view. There are lot of interesting abilities, that will both impact PvE and PvP effectiveness. Its all going to depend on your raid needs, and personal wants for most of these talents.

Quality of Life Improvements

If you are a keybinding and macro fanatic like myself, the next bit of information should wildly capture your imagination. Now that a lot of our useful abilities forces us into the forms we need, we can eliminate a lot of unnecessary keybinds and macros to free up bar space, add more room on our screen, and even free up that extra GCD. Its the little things in life that make a druid proud to be a druid.

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