Monthly Archives: April 2012

Symbiosis feedback part 2

So, now that I’ve covered how symbiosis works, lets take a look at how I would assign my 5 druids to their Symbiosis targets in my 25-man raids. Assume for now that Symbiosis looked exactly like it does in Beta right now (see list on MMO-champion). In this case, lets take a log from DS […]

Symbiosis feedback part 1

So, now that I’ve hit level 87 in beta, I have been able to try out Symbiosis. Sunfyre, in combination with other druids, hit 87 first and mapped out what the current spell list is for Symbiosis. You can find it on mmo-champion right now.  So, to save time, I’m not going to re-map that […]

MoP Beta resto changes from latest build

So, they pushed out a new build last night. The mmo-champion patch notes aren’t particularly helpful for figuring out what the changes actually were for resto druids this build. Barkskin/Ironbark First, I have BOTH Barkskin & Ironbark on my bar as a resto druid. So, the text change on Ironbark was intentional to not let […]