Symbiosis feedback part 1

So, now that I’ve hit level 87 in beta, I have been able to try out Symbiosis. Sunfyre, in combination with other druids, hit 87 first and mapped out what the current spell list is for Symbiosis. You can find it on mmo-champion right now.  So, to save time, I’m not going to re-map that chart onto Restokin until later in beta. Instead, I’m going to skip over theory-land and right into practical application. In this post, I’ll talk about how symbiosis currently works in beta. In the next post, I’ll talk about what is wrong with symbiosis and what we can do about it.

In this case, I’m going to focus on PvE because just about anything in the spell lists for any of the specs would be okay in PvP except maybe the paladin battle res.

Okay, so how exactly does symbiosis work? Right now, mages get Healing Touch from druids. This Healing Touch is on a 10 second cooldown, has a low mana cost, and can’t be made instant from Presence of Mind.

In return, my moonkin got mirror images. The druid mirror images hit about half as hard as the mage version, making it such that they only hit for about 150 per cast each. So, it’s not that great of a damage cooldown and seems more of a threat reduction you’d use at the start of the pull when you popped all your CDs and went to town. If you are in moonkin form, the mirrors are moonkin. If you are in caster/astral form, then your mirrors are caster/astral form. If you are in bear form, it shifts you out of bear and uses your caster form for the mirrors. With the tree glyph, you do get trees casting wrath, which means you could pop Force of Nature and have six trees casting wrath for giggles.

My resto spec instead gets ice block from the mage, allowing me to use ice block on a 5 minute cooldown, turning my tree druid into frozen broccoli. 🙂

When you drag the symbiosis button onto your cast bar, after you cast symbiosis, your button turns into the ability that you get. So, you don’t have to constantly drag spells from your spell book as a druid, which is nice. My symbiosis button turned into the ice block button OR my mirror image button.

So, the implementation of how things work seems to be okay (though symbiosis wasn’t staying put for the whole hour – it would randomly unlink me from the mage).

Here are some pictures in action:

Moonkin mirror images

mage casting healing touch (2.5 second cast before haste)

Frozen Tree: Resto Iceblock

Now that we’ve seen how Symbiosis works, part 2 will take a more critical look at some possible problems.

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One comment on “Symbiosis feedback part 1
  1. Treeboi says:

    For the PvP side, very few of the Symbiosis options are mutually beneficial. Almost all just benefit the druid with the other class gaining very little in return.

    Warlock + non-guardian druid is the best match. Rejuv is a good PvP heal, because it’s an instant, while Soul Swap, Teleport, and Unending Resolve are all good PvP abilities.

    Moonkin + priest or shaman will also be extremely popular, but that’s really due to Purge and Mass Dispell bring such strong abilities, and not due to the reciprical Symbiosis.

    Lots of other seeminly good pairings are hampered by bad specs (like PvE tank specs getting good defensive cooldowns) or spells that are never used in PvP (example: nobody cast Healing Touch in PvP because it’s too long of a cast) or abnormally long cooldowns (ie, warriors getting a much needed snare break via Stampeding Shout, but then hampered by a 10 minute cooldown).


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